Iran’s Complaints Prove that Israel’s Sabotage Operations are Effective

According to a credible report in the New York Times, the US government has requested that Israel refrain from carrying out sabotage operations against the Iranian nuclear weapons program so as to not undermine the upcoming Vienna indirect “negotiations” which are slated to resume on November 29, 2021. If the report is accurate then it is remarkable how the US has reduced itself to a conveyor of Iranian demands to Israel. First, Israel has no interest in those negotiations since the JCPOA was concluded at the expense of Israel and other Middle Eastern allies of the United States. Second, if Iran thinks these operations are a serious problem then this proves that these operations are successful and they should therefore continue. It is true that these operations only slow down Iranian nuclear progress, but they have successfully done so for decades.

The request also illustrates that the United States probably lacks a policy on Iran aside from a faint hope that Iran will return to the JCPOA despite such a return not being in the interest of Khomeinist Iran. Foreign policy cannot reasonably be based on wishful thinking, yet this is certainly the case with the United States approach on the question of the Iran file. The US request shows that the US approach to the Iran question is based on utter desperation, apparently due to warranted fears that Iran will target the American homeland with chemical weapons. Even the US officially acknowledges that there is little hope for Iran returning to the JCPOA. Yet this is not entirely accurate as there are no prospects whatsoever for an Iranian return to the JCPOA. It is clear that the US lacks a Plan B since the US has no plan for how to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Why on earth would Iran, which seeks to develop nuclear weapons, reverse its progress in uranium enrichment after almost having reached nuclear threshold status?

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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