The Threat of Nuclear Impunity

The so-called “international community” lives in intense fear for Iranian chemical weapons attacks against major cities around the world. Fending off this threat as combined with buying time by delaying the timeline of the development of the Iranian nuclear weapons program were the only motivations for concluding the JCPOA. The Iranian chemical weapons threat would however be even worse if Iran had nuclear weapons. If Iran had nuclear weapons could it attack any major city anywhere in the world with chemical weapons with complete impunity. Iranian deterrence is working like clockwork, everyone fears Iran and everyone except Israel is ready to act in accordance with the wishes of Tehran in the full knowledge that when it comes down to it will Israel destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program. 

Only Israel is ready to pay the price in Iranian chemical weapons attacks for confronting Iran and destroying its nuclear weapons program. The US should however consider that while diplomatic engagement with Iran may work for Russia and China, it does not work for the United States. Iran literally considers the US as “the Great Satan” and America’s unnecessary weakness on the contrary invites Iranian chemical weapons attacks against major American cities. When Iran knows that the US is ready to nuke a major Iranian city in response to Iranian chemical weapons attacks against major American cities, Iran is deterred. However, imagine if Iran had nuclear briefcase bombs and would use one of them to anonymously attack a major American city, could anyone imagine a Democratic administration nuking a major Iranian city? The US needs to restore its deterrence and threaten Iran with nuclear weapons. Only a real willingness to use nuclear weapons against Iran will deter Tehran.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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