Everyone is Desperate About Iranian Weapons of Mass Destruction

There is international unanimity on Iran on one point and that is the sense of desperation about the threat of Iranian weapons of mass destruction. However, the desperation is expressed differently, 1) Israel is preparing capabilities to destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program and is ready to absorb ensuing Iranian/Hezbollah attacks with chemical weapons against Israeli cities, 2) America, the so-called “Great Satan” thinks that maintaining some indirect diplomatic channels with Iran will hopefully prevent Iran from attacking American cities with chemical weapons, 3) everyone else thinks appeasing Iran is the only way to protect their nations from Iranian chemical weapons attacks. The entire P5+1 relies on Israel to destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program and the international community with the exception of Israel has completely capitulated to Iran.

America does not seem to have much hope about reaching a nuclear agreement with Iran, yet nevertheless wrongly assumes that a semblance of diplomacy rather than robust nuclear deterrence will protect American cities from Iranian chemical weapons attacks. This is not only perceived as a weakness by Iran, it is a real weakness albeit an unnecessary weakness considering America’s arsenal of nuclear weapons. America is not acting like the sole superpower and is displaying utter weakness.

America should beware that this policy invites Iranian chemical weapons attacks. The threat is very real, something that Washington is keenly aware of, however its response is severely deficient. America is threatened by another Jihadist 9/11 attack, this time by Iran and Washington insinuates that the main threat is China. While it is true that China poses a major strategic challenge to American global hegemony and status as the sole superpower and threatens to usher in a new dark age where the world is dominated by a dictatorship, America’s diplomatic weakness in the face of the Iranian WMD threat is utterly dangerous to American national security.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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