Khomeinists are the Most Dangerous Totalitarians so Far

There have been many dangerous totalitarians in modern history. The Nazis were the most dangerous Fascists and the Khmer Rogue were the most dangerous Communists. However, the Khomeinists are the most dangerous totalitarians so far, not because of what they have done but because of what they intend to do. 1) All existing nuclear weapons powers have developed nuclear weapons exclusively for the purpose of deterrence. However, Khomeinist Iran intends to use to use their nuclear weapons for terrorist genocidal purposes and do not worry about sacrificing parts of their own population as a result of nuclear retribution. 2) Khomeinist Iran intends to perpetrate chemical weapons terrorist attacks against major cities around the world in revenge for Israel and the United States destroying the Iranian nuclear weapons program. 3) Khomeinist Iran intends to launch successive waves of chemical weapons terrorist attacks against major American cities in order to force the United States government into submission. 4) Khomeinist Iran intends to attack the United States with biological weapons as a weapon of last resort. 5) Khomeinist Iran intends to attack other countries with chemical and biological weapons with nuclear impunity for purposes of political extortion. For example, Khomeinist Iran could attack a city in Sweden with chemical weapons and demand that Sweden introduce sharia courts for family law for Muslims in secularist Sweden or Khomeinist Iran will attack yet another Swedish city with chemical weapons. With Iranian nuclear impunity would Sweden have no choice but to comply with all Iranian demands.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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