The Islamist Nexus

Is there an emerging transdenominational Islamist nexus in the Middle East? There are significant tactical differences between different Islamist movements and Sunni Islamists and Shia Islamists disagree as to whether Sunnis of Shias should rule the worldwide Islamist theocracy that they believe is inevitable due to ostensibly being divinely decreed. Iran and Turkey have close relations including a close intelligence relationship due to the alliance between the Turkey-based international Muslim Brotherhood intelligence and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Hamas in Gaza is a geographic point where this alliance becomes the most apparent although the Brotherhood and Iran are on different sides of the conflict in Syria. Tehran has in recent years become aligned with both the Taliban and with al Qaeda. ISIL of course is allied with Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood but not with the other members of the nexus. What is next? Will they form a common market and will they try to create an Islamist defense alliance? Yet, of course the Sabbatean-controlled Derin Devlet deep state intelligence apparatus in Turkey will not allow Erdogan to lead Turkey out of NATO and for Turkey to become part of an Islamist defense alliance. 

Hamas and PIJ in Gaza have already committed to launch war against Israel after America and Israel destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program.The fact that major Islamist factors are aligning in forming what is no doubt intended to be a common front against the the Great Satan, the Small Satan and the rest of the imaginary “Jewish conspiracy” to destroy Islam, should be of concern to the United States in particular but to many other countries as well as there may be severe implications for national security. The Muslim Brotherhood is in most countries non-violent, not out of principle but for entirely pragmatic reasons and this may quite possibly change when Islamists of different denominations form a common front. The formation of the Islamist nexus means that new threats against national security may appear and it is essential to pay attention to this development and study the implications in terms of potential terrorist scenarios.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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