The Palestinian Narrative is not Legitimate

It has often been claimed that peace requires accepting that there are two competing narratives, one Israeli and one Palestinian, but is this really true? What has not been considered is that the Palestinian narrative is Anti-Zionist, meaning opposed to peace with Israel. Therefore legitimizing the Palestinian narrative as an obstacle to peace makes peace more difficult. The Palestinian narrative is thoroughly based upon KGB propaganda discourses of Operation SIG as the PLO was founded as a KGB intelligence outfit. Operation SIG is about disguising discriminatory Anti-Semitic premises in propaganda discourses that are ostensibly universalist and progressive but are actually racist and reactionary. The Palestinian narrative as thoroughly based on Operation SIG propaganda discourses is therefore Anti-Semitic, illegitimate and is an obstacle to peace. 

A two-state solution is a non-starter since neither side believes in it. To Israel would it pose a severe threat to Israeli national security that would inexorably require Israel to reoccupy the entire Judea and Samaria both due to rocket/missile terror and because millions of foreign troops from ideologically Anti-Zionist countries such as Algeria, Bangladesh, Iran, Malaysia and Pakistan would inevitably be stationed throughout Judea, Samaria and Gaza. An Israeli preemptive war would be inescapable and Israel would return to the status quo ante Oslo but with the difference that Israel would legally be a foreign occupier since Israel would have given up its claims to it indigenous lands that it had ceded for no good reason at all. 

To the Palestinians is an end-of-claims final status agreement wholly unacceptable since this would require ending their demand for flooding Israel with millions of Anti-Zionists. What the Palestinians rather seek is a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria and the main tool is delegitimizing Israel as an ostensible “Apartheid state” based on the three Nazi premises that 1) Jews are a racial group, 2) Jews seek racial domination and 3) Jews are racial oppressors. The Palestinian side knows of course that BDS has no chance of succeeding but the BDS “movement” is a useful propaganda tool for spreading the Nazi-based Anti-Semitic Apartheid libel.

The Palestinian narrative is Anti-Semitic propaganda as geared to destroy the sovereign Jewish nation state and exterminate its Jewish population. There is a consensus in Palestinian society that the Jewish state must be destroyed and its Jewish population be displaced and as there is no country to which deport the Jews is extermination the only option. The Israeli narrative is to be sure as any historical narrative partial in nature and is in this case expressive of the perspective of the Jewish national movement. However, there is a difference between racist narratives and partial ones, which all historical narratives are since all historiography requires being selective with the facts.

The historical rediscovery of core Median Jewry changes the rules of the diplomatic game since once a critical mass of Median Jewish immigrants have arrived in Israel will Israel be able to redeem and enfranchise the entire Judea and Samaria and the Jordanian monarchy will subsequently be extremely pleased to annex Gaza and thus gain a Mediterranean coastline. It was a mistake for then Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to in 2009 conditionally accept a two-state solution although his acceptance was clearly disingenuous. That unfortunately led to international acceptance of Palestinian territorial demands and shows the utmost danger of appeasement. The Barak and Olmert proposals, were also disingenuous since Barak and Olmert knew well that the Palestinian side would reject any end-of-claims final status proposal and were also in hindsight mistakes. Rather, the arduous and indeed inevitable task at hand is to shift the paradigm on the resolution of the conflict. Once it is clear that no one can no longer claim a demographic imperative for a two-state solution will there be almost no Zionist support for a two-state solution. Rather, there will be a Zionist consensus in Israel in favor of Israel redeeming and enfranchising the entire Judea and Samaria.

The nihilistic notion that the Anti-Semitic Palestinian narrative is “legitimate” because of a perceived demographic imperative is fundamentally misguided and it is essential to completely discredit and delegitimize the Anti-Semitic Palestinian narrative. The popular international idea that Israeli appeasement of the Anti-Semitic Palestinian Authority – i.e. unilateral Israeli concessions – will somehow magically lead to peace (rather than the Palestinian side demanding even more concessions) has no basis in reality. It would only lead to aggravated conflict which of course extremely predictably would be blamed on Israel. Israel has no reason to make concessions because when things inevitably go wrong, then Israel is blamed by the international community for defending itself. The current international paradigm is irrational and does not value how the status quo contributes to regional stability. There is no Palestinian or other Arab partner for an end-of-claims final status agreement and the Palestinian side is completely unwilling – as seen in previous attempted final status “negotiations” – to reciprocate Israel concessions.

Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria and Jordanian sovereignty in Gaza will for all practical purposes end the conflict, although there will of course be attempts to keep the conflict alive, will it de facto be over since Palestinians will become equal citizens of Israel and Jordan respectively. The reordering of the northern Levant in response to Hezbollah attempting to “annihilate Israel” with mass use of chemical weapons will lead to the establishment of an Aramean Christian state (Aram), Israeli annexation of Median Jewish (Alawite and Druze) regions of Syria and Lebanon and Israel will hand over most of Syria and the remainder of Lebanon to the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) of the AANES (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria). Israeli annexation will be affirmed through peace agreements between Jerusalem (Israel), Beirut (Aram) and Damascus (Syria) and there would hence be new international borders which would also recognize the Golan as sovereign Israeli territory. Israel would be surrounded by peace and would be at peace with all its neighbors for as long as the Hashemites remain in power in Jordan which could be indefinitely. The issue of descendants of Palestinian ex-refugees would be resolved as stateless Palestinians throughout the Levant would be enfranchised wherever they live.  

This is certainly not how the international community expected that the conflict would be resolved but what should matter is that the conflict will indeed be resolved and a necessary element in establishing peace will be thoroughly discrediting the Palestinian narrative as genocidal Operation SIG Anti-Semitic propaganda.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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