The Biden Administration is Detached From Reality

An Israeli government source cited in an Israeli newspaper recently noted that the American government acts according to its own worldview and political philosophy, yet implied that the impending Russian invasion of Ukraine was a result of America’s yearlong fruitless appeasement of the totalitarian regime in Tehran. The Biden administration is apparently not aware of the immense consequences of its diplomacy on the crumbling liberal world order. Not only America’s adversaries but even the Israeli government perceives the Biden administration as “weak”. The Israeli government source warned that Taiwan may be next in line. While it is certainly legitimate for the Biden administration to hold its own worldview and political philosophy centered on the importance of diplomacy, it is an entirely different matter if this undermines vital US national security interests and the vital interests of America’s democratic allies. It is certainly time for the Biden administration to wake up to the damage that it is inadvertently causing to American interests by ignoring the causal link between official US foreign policy and the actions of America’s adversaries. The current situation where America is perceived as weak despite not being so is very dangerous indeed and invites Iranian biological terror against the American homeland and military aggression against US allies by America’s adversaries. Please note that this is not a partisan argument but one coming from a long-term non-partisan friend of America who is deeply concerned about the security and safety of America and her allies.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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