Iran Will Lose Syria and Lebanon

“When necessary – we will push them out of Syria to where they belong – and that is Iran.”

Yoav Gallant, Israeli minister of defense

Iran as usual is strategically arrogant but tactically cautious. The mullahs believe that Iran and its allies are capable of destroying the Jewish state. Previously was it believed that Israel and the United States would determine the timing for the outbreak of the Northern War by choosing when to neutralize the Iranian nuclear weapons program. But now does it appear that Iran has other plans. The negotiations on the judicial overhaul in Israel are apparently dead and the legislative process is slated to resume after Passover. Meanwhile, the mass demonstrations in Israel continue. The constitutional crisis is only weeks away whereby the Supreme Court will nullify the new basic laws and the Netanyahu government will refuse to recognize the decisions of the high court. This is the point where the IDF as instructed by the Israeli Deep State will refuse to heed the orders of the already democratically illegitimate Israeli government. This is when we should expect Hezbollah to attack Israel. What is very likely to happen is that the military will seize power for the first time in Israeli history in order to restore order and make sure that the Northern War is carried out according to plan which includes the IDF reaching the Iraqi border. The writing is on the wall, yet nothing it appears can dent the mullahs’ strategic arrogance. Nevertheless, there is no question that this will be a war for the very existence of the State of Israel, if Jerusalem loses will Israel cease to exist. This will be the by far largest war in Israeli military history and there is no question that Israel will prevail. Apparently, Tehran is ready to risk losing Syria and Lebanon in the quest to destroy Israel. This seems lunatic unless you understand that Tehran’s regional policy is ultimately based on fundamentalist messianic theology. As long as Israel exists will the Hidden Imam not reappear and hence is destroying Israel absolutely prioritized, indeed it is a fundamental imperative if you hold that worldview.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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