A US Mideast Defense Strategy

Iran remains focused on capturing the MENA region and the current detente whereby Iran seeks to rival Israel’s intended regional integration and furthermore engage in regional intelligence infiltration is a mere phase in Tehran’s great plan for conquering the Arab world. While preparing for the Northern War against Israel, is Iran trying to compete with Israel in regional integration. 

The US has already decided in favor of a defense treaty with Saudi Arabia as part of an intended comprehensive package for Saudi-Israeli peace. While this would be a powerful way to insulate the KSA from Iranian attacks, Iran could still launch a westward invasion through Jordan or Syria. Ergo, the strong case for USAF participation on Israel’s side in the Northern War, something which will quickly remove Nasrallah and Assad from power and install new friendly governments in Beirut and Damascus with new borders of peace. An Aramean state will be a functioning nation state in contrast to the dysfunctional Lebanon and will serve American interests. AANES is very friendly to the United States and will bring a feminist government to all of the new Syria. This will bring a painful defeat on the Iranian army and help build deterrence against Iran trying to conquer the Arab world. 

Iran’s current strategy is to conquer Israel through the Northern War and then use so-called ”liberated Palestine” as a launchpad to later conquer the Arab world. While Iran speaks openly about annihilating Israel, it is actually the US they plan annihilate through weapons of mass destruction, specifically biological weapons to be used against major American cities. From the ruling mullahs’ perspective is this part and parcel of the Northern War which is intended to destroy both ”Satans” although the US is in fact able to deter Iran.

The major decision that Washington must make as part of the negotiations with Riyadh is whether its defense alliance with the KSA will stand alone or whether it will be the tripartite kernel of a MENA defense alliance. The truth is that both Israel and America are indispensable for a MENA defense alliance. The US must prevent Iran from capturing the MENA region at any cost. First, oil is yet to be phased out. Second, Iran cannot be allowed to control the Red Sea. Third, the US must deter Iran from war so as to protect homeland security from the menace of weapons of mass destruction.

A MENA defense alliance with US membership would not require a major US presence on the ground, the US would mainly assist by deploying the USAF at time of war. The idea is that the ground forces of the MENA member nations together would be able to repel the Iranian enemy but that they would be reinforced by the US Air Force. The Northern War would be a test for this strategy as well as a deterrence against later war between Iran and the MENA defense alliance. 

Therefore, the US should suggest to the KSA that instead of a bilateral defense pact, a trilateral Saudi-American-Israeli defense alliance is created as a kernel of a later extended MENA defense alliance.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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