Ghulat Beliefs are Peripheral in Median Judaism

Ghulat is Arabic for “extremists” and entails conferring divine or angelic status on Muhammad and his family, particularly on Ali. These exoteric “beliefs” are not Islamic by any standards and certainly do not confer or imply membership in the Islamic religion. Rather, this is precisely the point, as the purpose of being Ghulat is toContinue reading “Ghulat Beliefs are Peripheral in Median Judaism”

What Khamenei Really Thinks of Assad

Traditionally were the Alawites or the Nusayris as they were called until the 1920s known as “Ghulat” or so-called “extremist Shias”, meaning not Shias at all who pretended to believe that Ali was a divine incarnation, hardly an Islamic belief. This was part of the Pseudo-Islamic veneer of core Median Judaism to protect Median JewsContinue reading “What Khamenei Really Thinks of Assad”

Ghulat are not Islam

Ghulat (Arabic meaning ‘extremists’) is a term which today applies to most denominations of core Median Judaism. “Ghulat” refers to “Shia extremism” but Ghulat beliefs are neither Shia nor Muslim. How is it “Muslim” for example to believe that Ali (the cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad) is God or that God consist of a “Trinity”Continue reading “Ghulat are not Islam”

Median Jews are not Muslims

Islam is a religion with four branches, Sunni, Shia, Ibadi (in Oman) and Mutazili. There are four surviving schools (Arabic: madhhab) within Sunni Islamic jurisprudence (Arabic: fiqh). These are Hanafi, Hanbali, Maliki and Shafi’i. In addition are there the heterodox Sunni Ahmadiyya who believe that the expected Mahdi (messiah) has already arrived. Ahmadiyya are neverthelessContinue reading “Median Jews are not Muslims”