Why Moscow and Beijing do not Arm Tehran

Iran has a sophisticated military but its air force is antiquated as are its tanks. Why then do not Russia and China supply Iran with fighter aircrafts and tanks?  There is in general a fear in the international community of Iranian intelligence committing 9/11 style mass terrorist attacks and potentially with chemical, biological and radiologicalContinue reading “Why Moscow and Beijing do not Arm Tehran”

Iran is a Rival of China, not an Ally

Islamists hold profoundly contemptful attitudes towards non-Muslims and Khomeinist attitudes towards China of course is no exception. Does Tehran hate Beijing for its internment of one million Muslims in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region? Yes of course they do but Tehan’s duplicitous strategy towards Beijing is designed to fool and take advantage of China. After all,Continue reading “Iran is a Rival of China, not an Ally”