Why Moscow and Beijing do not Arm Tehran

Iran has a sophisticated military but its air force is antiquated as are its tanks. Why then do not Russia and China supply Iran with fighter aircrafts and tanks? 

There is in general a fear in the international community of Iranian intelligence committing 9/11 style mass terrorist attacks and potentially with chemical, biological and radiological weapons of mass destruction. The concern is not just about the potential loss of life but about the potential mass economic disruption this could cause. For this reason are most countries reluctant to alienate Tehran and turn it into an enemy of theirs. Yet Russia and China are also apparently not interested in empowering Iran by selling Tehran sophisticated heavy weapons. Why is this so? They are not interested in militarily empowering Iran as a rising regional power. In fact, they have an interest in militarily undermining Khomeinist Iran as both regard Islamism-Jihadism as an important strategic threat against their respective strategic national interests.

However, the JCPOA era is effectively over and with that the facade of Iranian so-called “moderation”. The international community is once more uniting against the Iranian nuclear weapons program and should also unite against the Iranian imperial project more generally in the Middle East. There is little choice but to comprehensively roll back, implode and fully dissolve the Khomeinist empire in its entirety from Lebanon to Balochistan or it will eventually reach Chinese Xinjiang Uygur and Russian Tatarstar-Bashkortostan on the Volga. Do Moscow and Beijing understand this reality? They may be internalizing this very real threat for these are the Iranian ambitions. All Islamists (whether Shia or Sunni) ultimately seek to establish an Islamic empire spanning the entire Islamdom and eventually in their fertile imperialist imagination, the entire world. Iranian nuclear weapons are an essential tool for these ambitions and the Iranian regime does intend to use them to perpetrate nuclear holocausts as part of its apocalyptic neo-imperialist agenda.

While it is true that there is increasing great power competition between China and Russia on the one hand and the United States on the other, is there also a great and increasing need for the great powers on the United Nations Security Council to unite against the Khomeinist menace. There is no doubt that Moscow and Beijing have important roles to play in these respects.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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