Playing Into the Hands of Tehran

US foreign policy on Iran is playing into the hands of the tyrannical Khomeinist regime. The regime intends to play for time until the JCPOA is irrelevant and even after does it intend to play for time until Israel destroys the Iranian nuclear weapons program in 2023, all with the purpose of pleasing world powers and avoiding UN sanctions against Iran. What is remarkable is the US willingness to play along with this game. The US has stated that it intends to promote diplomacy even after the JCPOA is no longer relevant. This means that Iran has no incentive to rejoin the JCPOA. Israel’s military option will not be ready until early 2023 or at the earliest in late 2022. America has a military option but is unwilling to use it due to fear of 9/11-style Iranian mass retribution with chemical weapons against the American homeland. Iran deters America but America does not deter Iran. President Biden should seriously consider if this is really a healthy situation.

America continues to misread Iran in seeing hope for a nuclear agreement with Iran where there is none. America is doing exactly what totalitarian Iran expects America to do, namely legitimize the Iranian regime by playing along with the Iranian gambit, i.e. playing for time until Israel destroys the Iranian nuclear weapons program in 2023.

While it could be argued that there is no harm in trying out if there is some small potential in coming to terms with Iran, the fact is that the US is effectively supporting the Iranian diplomatic gambit of wasting time as Tehran has no intention whatsoever of reconciling with the US even on the nuclear issue. Rather, the US should promote UN comprehensive economic sanctions against Iran. Iran can live with US sanctions but UN sanctions are intolerable to Tehran which is why they signed the JCPOA in the first place. UN sanctions are the only course of action which offers some faint hope for persuading the Iranian regime to dismantle its nuclear weapons program as UN sanctions were indeed effective until 2015. 

Iranian rejectionist diplomacy is highly successful in persuading P5+1 in playing along with its game of wasting time. Indeed, the US is doing exactly what the Iranian regime wants them to do. The US government needs to urgently re-evaluate its Iran policy and put in place a new post-JCPOA strategy that truly promotes the shared strategic interests of America and its Middle Eastern allies.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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