The Khomeinist Regime is Becoming Nervous

The Khomeinist regime makes increasingly extreme threats against Israel. Why is this so? The regime is no doubt becoming increasingly nervous about the imposition of an international no-fly zone over Iran that would provide air support to armed rebellions throughout the country and very likely lead to the downfall of the regime. The emerging coalition to impose a no-fly zone is no doubt growing and this makes Tehran unnerved, yet not deterred as seen in its extreme rejectionism in Vienna.

Yet, Tehran is determined not to become deterred by Israel, America and the discreetly growing international coalition. Iran insists on staying on its predetermined strategic course and acting as if there was no strategic threat against the survival of the regime. Iran believes that it is engaged in a war of nerves and is intent on deterring rather than being the one who is deterred. Direct threats are generally ineffectual as a means of reinforcing a deterrence posture but Iran nevertheless seeks to reinforce its increasingly eroded international WMD terrorist deterrence. At the same time is it important to understand that despite the hyperbole (Iran knows perfectly well that it currently is not capable of destroying Israel or even razing Tel Aviv to the ground) is there a severe WMD mass terrorist threat not only against Israel but against other nations perceived by Tehran as strategic in the phantasmatic international “Jewish conspiracy”, chief among them the United States.

It is important to correctly interpret the Iranian threats as the regime due to its belief in divine patronage refuses to internalize that it faces checkmate in both Syria-Lebanon and in Iran itself. No Iranian shift in strategy should be expected but the regime will likely become increasingly nervous and concerned and this could lead to Iranian-orchestrated international terrorist attacks around the world even before the war commences.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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