Iran’s Best Asset

The complexity involved in understanding the Khomeinist regime tends to lead to benevolent caricatures of the regime in severely underestimating the malevolence of Iran’s intentions. Intelligence agencies generally assume that Iran is rational without taking into account how irrational factors (Khomeinist theology, Anti-Semitism and Middle Eastern political culture) influence Iranian decision making processes.

As the regime is so misunderstood even by Israeli intelligence does this bizarrely work in the regime’s favor. The way the international intelligence community underestimates the malevolence of the regime has become the regime’s most important international asset.

Even Israel has not learned the lesson from the Holocaust in not understanding that when a totalitarian regime threatens genocide against the Jews, they mean exactly what they are saying and intend to carry it out no matter the cost to their own country. The motivations of the regime are so complex and multifaceted that the regime largely remains not understood. 

The intelligence world certainly needs to wake up and speedily shift the analytic paradigm on Iran. The essential lesson from Nazism is that it begins with the Jews but it does not end with the Jews. The dangerous intentions of the Khomeinist regime are a severe threat against international peace and security in threatening many countries with mass carnage with chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. The regime would be a hundred times more dangerous were it to be allowed to develop nuclear weapons since it could perpetrate WMD terrorism worldwide with nuclear impunity.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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