Will Tehran use Biological Weapons?

While it is clear that Iran intends to use chemical weapons for mass terrorist attacks worldwide, on a vast scale following America’s and Israel’s joint destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons progam, the Khomeinist regime’s intentions to use biological weapons are more localized and may seem less obvious. Where and against whom will Tehran use biological weapons?

Iran is extremely unlikely to use biological weapons against Israel since this would likely kill vast numbers of Palestinians as well and the regime strangely cares more about the Palestinians than about its own citizens. Iran is furthermore unlikely to use biological weapons in its first wave of WMD mass terrorist attacks against America. The Iranian regime is however very likely to use biological weapons against the United States as a doomsday weapon were America to invade Iran. While Iran no doubt will target many major American cities with chemical weapons, in a later wave should they be expected to use biological weapons specifically against Washington DC in targeting government buildings, as well as against New York City where it is likely to target areas with large Jewish populations. 

Saudi Arabia is one of three main adversaries of Iran alongside America and Israel. Iran will use biological weapons against the metropolis of Riyadh as well as against Saudi military bases, almost immediately after America and Israel destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Iran will target Hanbali areas while not attacking predominantly non-Hanbali cities. The Khomeinists of course hate the Hanbalis and this makes Hanbalis vulnerable to Iran’s hateful genocidal designs. Allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons would of course make the WMD mass terrorist threat against Saudi Arabia and other countries a hundred times worse since Iran could attack with nuclear impunity and would no doubt use nuclear weapons against the metropolis of Riyadh in order to take over the country.

Iran has tried to lull Saudi Arabia into not worrying about the country being attacked with Iranian weapons of mass destruction but this is no doubt a ruse. After the biological weapons attacks, Iran’s agents in Zaydi and Twelver areas will instigate revolts with the purpose of not only taking control of their own minority regions in Saudi Arabia but furthermore wresting control over Saudi Arabia as a whole, including particularly the Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medina. 

The threat against Saudi Arabia is severe indeed and Iran will attempt politicide against the country. While it would seem more obvious for Iran to try this against Israel is Mecca the city where the Hidden Imam is expected to reappear. Iran cannot exterminate the Israeli Jews without simultaneous murdering most Palestinians and so biological weapons will not be used against Israel. Iran taking over Saudi Arabia is however quite feasible and Iran will no doubt seek to do so.

Saudi Arabia does not appear to be aware of the severity of the threat and hence the importance of deepened and intensified intelligence cooperation and intelligence sharing with Israel. Iran poses an existential threat against the Saudi monarchy and no one should doubt that Iran will use the opportunity of America and Israel destroying the Iranian nuclear weapons program to activate its long-term nefarious plans against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its Hanbali population.

The problem of course is that the sleeper cells are in place and the biological weapons are most likely already delivered to Riyadh and other locations. The means of delivery of WMD is submarines which approach the coast of a target country during night time and hand over the WMD to agents in leisure boats who subsequently deliver the WMD to sleeper cells in target areas.

There is no doubt that Saudi Arabia will suffer vast damage and it is very difficult to defend against this threat. Therefore the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia needs to prepare to absorb the vast casualties and politically and militarily survive this onslaught. The fact that Saudi Arabia has unsuccessfully engaged in strategic dialogue with the Khomeinist regime in recent months suggests that Riyadh has not yet woken up to the enormity of the threat. 

Tehran is convinced that it will politically survive an international imposition of a no-fly zone over Iran that will provide air support to armed rebellions throughout the country as it believes that divine patronage will ensure that the insurrections will be quashed. Iran furthermore believes that Israel will fail in Syria and Lebanon. The Iranian regime has long waited for an opportunity to destabilize Saudi Arabia and unseat the monarchy.

Iran is confident as it believes that it will turn out the winner in what it perceives as a religious war against Jews, Christians and Hanbalis. Iran is focused on taking control over the Twelver eschatological geography of West Asia and this includes Jerusalem where the Dajjal (false messiah of the Jews) will reappear, Mecca where the Hidden Imam will reappear and Damascus where Isa (Jesus) will reappear.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia needs to plan for political and military survival after the Iranian onslaught. The threat against Saudi Arabia is far more severe than the threats against Israel and the United States and Saudi Arabia is unique as a target compared to other target countries worldwide in that the Iranian regime plans to use biological weapons already in the first wave of WMD mass terrorist attacks.

The Kingdom is apparently still asleep in not yet realizing the enormity of the threat. This suggests that Saudi strategic planning is deficient and that Saudi Arabia needs to urgently normalize relations with Israel in order to get Israel’s help in countering the threat and surviving the Iranian onslaught.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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