The American Desperation

The JCPOA is inching towards collapse as the definite burial of the JCPOA is only days away. The US sanctions on the Iranian civilian nuclear program were lifted as a desperate goodwill gesture to the Khomeinist regime to show them that the American government is acting in good faith. America faces a dark future as millions of Americans may die from Iranian biological weapons terrorist attacks against major American cities. One would think that the rational response to this threat should be to reinforce the credibility of American deterrence to make Iran understand that they will face nuclear annihilation if they attempt to annihilate Americans with biological weapons, but no, American deterrence has systematically been undercut through an unthinking appeasement strategy by the Biden administration to the point where American deterrence no longer exists at all. 

This is a disastrous situation and rather than remedying the problem is the Biden administration making it worse. The sanctions waiver on Iran’s civilian nuclear program in return for exactly nothing is an unmistakable sign of American fear and desperation. Tehran is no doubt correctly assessing that its biological weapons mass terrorist deterrence is working. Will America within a week or two strategically shift to “other options”, i.e. Plan B, the military options? Not according to Rob Malley who has repeatedly stated that the US will continue to woo Iran after the collapse of the JCPOA. For how long will this take place? No one knows.

The United States apparently has no strategy whatsoever for restoring its deterrence vis-a-vis Iran and the situation is most dangerous indeed. The Iranian calculus is that the Biden administration ultimately will find the prospect of millions of Americans dead from Iranian biological weapons mass terrorist attacks to be far worse than Iran developing nuclear weapons capability, despite the fact that Iran could attack America and other nations with chemical and biological weapons with nuclear impunity in order to impose Khomeinist geostrategic global hegemony if Tehran were allowed to develop nuclear capability. 

The Iranian calculus wrongly assumes that Israel is a mere tentacle of the ostensible American-Jewish “octopus” and that Israel therefore will not be able to independently destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program without an American assent. The Biden administration on the other hand knows that America will be attacked with biological weapons irrespective of whether America actually participates in the attack to destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons program and the Iranian calculus is plain wrong since Israel will attack with or without American participation.

However, Iran still believes that Biden will pressure Bennett not to attack the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Even if the Biden administration were to be desperate enough to do this, no one can pressure Israel into committing national suicide. In fact, no one can pressure any sovereign nation into committing national suicide, this is just not within the realm of the possible. Even though Khamenei counts on Biden to continue his desperate appeasement policy, this of course does not mean that it will work. Rather, it is bound to fail. What is likely to happen after the collapse of the JCPOA is that the Biden administration will offer even further unilateral concessions to the Iranians out of sheer desperation. This of course will be to no avail but the Biden administration will no doubt continue with its appeasement policy which completely discredits any notion of American deterrence against Iran.

At what point will the United States shift to the “the other options”, i.e. Plan B, the military options? This is unknown but the progress of the Iranian nuclear weapons program and the progress in the Israeli program to build a capability to destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons program are definitely the main factors.

The Biden administration is however inadvertently creating a false impression of extreme ineptitude where to the Iranians it seems that President Biden is incapable of defending America and is merely longing for leaving Islamdom at any price. The Biden administration appears unaware of what impression its words and actions elicit and how these consistently undermine American credibility to the extreme detriment of American national security.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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