A US-Saudi Defense Pact Would Checkmate Iran

Iranian geostrategy is focused like a laser beam on taking over the Twelver eschatological region with its immense oil resources, control over which would instantly transform Iran into a superpower able to extort America’s allies around the world. Islam has three messianic figures. These are 1) the Mahdi (identified by Twelvers with the Hidden Imam) who is expected to appear in Mecca, 2) Jesus who is expected to appear in Damascus and 3) the Dajjal (the Deceitful messiah) who is expected to appear in Jerusalem. Iran already is in indirect control of Damascus and so Mecca and Jerusalem remain for Iran to be subdued. Iran is confident that the Hezbollah-led Iranian Axis will be able to paralyze and destroy Israel with rockets, missiles, drones and chemical warheads. Although Iran still lacks a modern air force, the Iranian military forces are several times larger than the Saudi ones. While Iran is overestimating the threat the Hezbollah-led Iranian Axis poses against Israel there is no question that Iran poses a most severe direct threat against the KSA. A US-Saudi defense pact would effectively checkmate Iran’s plans for taking over the Twelver eschatological region and will force Iran to reassess its apocalyptic-imperialistic plans altogether. This is crucial considering the severe threat in terms of biological weapons terrorism that Iran poses against the American homeland. The purpose of a US-Saudi defense pact to be sure would not be for the US to fight a war for Saudi Arabia against Iran but to prevent war between Iran and Saudi Arabia altogether. It must be understood that Saudi Arabia and the GCC nations generally constitute a weak point in terms of defense which Iran undoubtedly intends to exploit at the right moment. A US-Saudi defense pact would very effectively sabotage Iran’s imperialistic plans and would eminently serve the national interests of the United States, ensure its national security and safeguard its global hegemony.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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