Once Iran Conquers the Gulf States

Iran is bent on taking control over the Twelver eschatological region which includes the cities of Mecca, Jerusalem and Damascus where the Islamic messianic figures of the Mahdi (identified by Twelvers with the Hidden Imam), the Dajjal (the Deceitful Messiah) and Jesus are slated to appear at the conclusion of Islamic history. Control over this region with its immense oil resources will transform Iran into a superpower and so it would be completely unwise from Iran’s imperialist perspective to defer its conquest of Saudi Arabia and the other GCC states until the end of the oil era considering that Iran will be able to use the oil resources for purposes of world conquest.

What would be the practical consequences of Iranian conquest of the GCC countries? First, Iran would be able to determine the global price of oil which would therefore become very high. Second, Iran would practice switch on and off for its new combined oil export as a form of economic terrorism. Third, Iran would institute oil embargoes against US allies around the world. Most nations would be forced to toe Iran’s line in world affairs, including China. Iran would become the new undisputed superpower replacing the United States. Iran would use its new oil wealth to fight new wars of conquest to take over the rest of Islamdom. No one would dare to stop them for fear that Tehran would use the oil weapon.

Plan A: Iran plans to conquer the GCC nations after Tehran has joined the nuclear club and then it assumes that no one will dare to oppose them.

Plan B: Iran plans to engineer a global WMD terrorist apocalypse to prompt the reappearance of the Hidden Imam if the Iranian nuclear weapons program is destroyed, these plans also include conquering the GCC nations.

Plan C: If the US successfully deters Iran from implementing the apocalypse subsequent to the destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons program by means of deploying 1 million US troops in Saudi Arabia, then Iran will defer its invasion of GCC nations. The conquest will nevertheless happen as part of IRGC-engineered Shia (Twelver and Zaydi) uprisings in Saudi Arabia and Iran will “defensively” invade Saudi Arabia in support of those rebellions.

The phasing out of diesel and gasoline will happen sometime in the distant future (the European Parliament claims that it will happen in 2035) but it is nevertheless far from imminent. The United States simply cannot live with Iranian control over GCC oil fields and will therefore have to intervene militarily to reverse the Iranian conquest. This is a given. Why then is a US-Saudi defense pact necessary if the US will anyway come to the defense of Saudi Arabia? It is absolutely necessary in order to deter Iran from attacking the KSA and the other Gulf states. It is a vital US national security interest not to become entangled in war between the KSA and Iran and the way to prevent that is to deter Tehran by entering into a defense pact with Riyadh.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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