Iran has a Timeline

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah has given a television interview in giving us some insight into how the Khomeinist elite currently conceive of messianic time. Khomeinism of course is unique in that it is the only form of Islamism that is apocalyptic. Nasrallah referred to some news reports from the US and Israeli media as indications that the downfall of Israel is imminent in the years to come. However, this was not particularly convincing to say the least as it was obvious that other factors that he did not mention accounted for his prediction.The Khomeinist elite rightly recognize the Iranian nuclear weapons program as a gamechanger. Nasrallah stated that he envisioned Israeli Jews fleeing from Israel.

The destruction of Israel is central for Khomeinist ideologues because they regard it as a precondition for the reappearance of the Hidden Imam. Of course the Iranian regime generally believe that they need to be in control of the Khomeinist eschatological region as a whole and in particular the cities of Mecca (where the Hidden Imam will appear), Jerusalem (where the Dajjal, the deceitful messiah will appear) and Damascus (where Jesus will appear) where Iran already of course is in indirect control through the dependent pseudo-Shiite Assad regime.  

For Khomeinist ideologists will their trajectory to regional hegemony become inevitable once they have acquired nuclear weapons capability. The Khomeinist theo-strategists assume that no one will prevent them from developing nuclear weapons because they believe that the price for doing so will be too high. Khomeinist thinkers believe that they are forcing time and propelling the Hidden Imam to reappear by accelerating their nuclear weapons program. They understand all too well that time is short due to Elon Musk and Tesla and that Iran must act to conquer the Khomeinist eschatological region long before gasoline and diesel are phased out in favor of electric motors as once that happens will Iran become dirt poor and there will be little remaining geostrategic benefit in conquering the Khomeinist eschatological region as Iran won’t be able to extort the world with the power of Gulf oil and so Israel will be left as the remaining regional hegemon.

There is no question that Iran is acting according to its own timeline, they know that they have limited time at their disposal to prompt the Hidden Imam to reappear whom they plan to install as the global ruler and they must use the time well and so returning to the JCPOA certainly is not in the cards since that would endanger the Iranian plan. There is simply no time for once more deferring the Iranian nuclear weapons program considering the accelerated development of electric vehicles.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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