On the Danger of Nuclear War

Russian propaganda would want us to believe that Moscow will resort to nuclear weapons if Russia is defeated and expelled from Ukraine. Of course, as usual Russia disseminates disinformation. The opposite is true. If Russia is defeated in Ukraine and the Russian war machine crushed will Moscow effectively have no choice but to join the American orbit in order to ensure the defense of Siberia from Chinese colonial expansionism a few decades from now. If Russia conquer Ukraine will Moscow move on with its war plans to conquer the rest of Europe from Poland to Ireland. That will no doubt include the use of tactical nuclear weapons against NATO targets. In contrast, Russia has absolutely nothing to gain from using tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine and therefore will not do so. Anyone who wishes to prevent WWIII, inevitably involving the use of tactical nuclear weapons, would therefore be well advised to do everything possible to assist Ukraine in crushing the Russian war machine and expelling the last Russian soldier from the last inch of occupied Ukrainian territory. Furthermore, WWIII would only be the beginning, a few decades later would follow WWIV whereby China would conquer primarily thinly populated territories as intended for Han colonization. This would include Russia, the Nordic and Baltic states, Mongolia, Central Asia, Iran, the Middle East up to the eastern Mediterranean shore including the Arabian peninsula as well as Canada, Alaska and Oceania including Australia. This would involve nuclear war between Russia and China. Since MAD is out of question, would it only involve tactical nuclear weapons but nevertheless nuclear war. WWIII is planned for two fronts, the northern front in Europe where Russia enjoys superiority over NATO in the number of tactical nuclear weapons as well as the southern front where Israel, the US and Arab nations are yet to unite to form a MENA defense alliance against Iran and its allies. Iran intends to develop a nuclear arsenal and plans to use tactical nuclear weapons in destroying Israel and conquering the Arab world. We are however still not yet there. The Iranian nuclear weapons program can be neutralized, a MENA defense alliance can be formed, the Russian war machine can be destroyed (the faster this happens the sooner the war in Ukraine will end) and China can be contained on all sides by US allies in preventing Han colonial expansionism. This way can WWIII, WWIV and nuclear war be preempted.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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