A Joint Iran Operation is Pivotal for American Deterrence

The first lesson from Ramadan this year is that Israel does not control the pulse in the Levant, Iran does. What is the strategic reality in terms of deterrence? Israel does not believe that Iran will dare use chemical weapons against the Jewish state or Israel would be distributing gas masks, thus Israeli non-conventional deterrence is effective. The second lesson from Ramadan this year is that US deterrence can be effective if subtle and calibrated as the moving of a US submarine with nuclear missiles towards the Persian Gulf during Ramadan proved to be. 

However, if Israel neutralizes the Iranian nuclear weapons program without US participation, then that will make the US look weak (i.e. dishonorable and ready for destruction) in Iranian eyes and makes major American cities highly vulnerable to Iranian terrorist attacks with biological weapons. However, since Iran is afraid of Israeli nuclear weapons, working in tandem with Israel reinforces US deterrence. Destroying Iran’s nuclear weapons program is a high-risk operation, but America staying out of such an operation poses far higher risks to the American homeland.

The US needs to formulate a plan for US nuclear deterrence vis-a-vis Iran such as potentially stationing nuclear missiles in Jordan. Dispatching a US submarine to the Persian Gulf was a temporary quick fix but is no substitute for strategic nuclear deterrence.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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