Khamenei is Making Irrational Decisions

Ali Khamenei’s desire to destroy Israel is fundamentally irrational, it is based in apocalyptic, Anti-Semitic and neo-imperialist fantasies. This fact however does not make the regime any less dangerous. Khamenei’s standing decision to order Hezbollah to unleash massive barrages of tens of thousands of missiles against Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities is also fundamentally irrational since he will lose the western flank of his empire when facing a joint IDF-SDF campaign to liberate the northern Levant from the totalitarian and Anti-Semitic forces of Khomeinism and Ba’athism, a war that will impose new borders of perpetual peace. Khamenei’s decision to go ahead with uranium enrichment and ditch the JCPOA is fundamentally irrational because it will lead Israel to destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program. It may also cause the US to impose a no-fly zone on Iranian airspace in Tehran no doubt losing its ethnic periphery (half the population of Iran) to armed rebellions with US air support. A no-fly zone with intermittent air strikes against nuclear installations will also permanently prevent the Iranian nuclear weapons program from ever recovering. Will Khamenei change course? There is absolutely no chance whatsoever. A rational Iranian policy would be to return to the JCPOA and normalize trade and diplomatic relations with the US so as to bring about real growth in the Iranian economy. That will not happen. Will Iran abandon its absolutely irrational fantasy of annihilating tiny Israel? There is no chance whatsoever of that ever materializing. Iran is stuck in ideological inertia.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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