America will not Elude Iranian Attacks

The JCPOA was quite effective in deferring the Iranian WMD mass terrorist threat. It could be argued that the JCPOA therefore constituted effectual appeasement despite constituting a temporary deferral and effectively selling out the existential interests of America’s Middle Eastern allies. There is no way to repeat the JCPOA trick as Iran is well aware that the next Republican administration will abrogate any agreement and reimpose comprehensive sanctions against Iran.

Since conspiratorial Anti-Semitism is part of the offical totalitarian ideology of Iran and the Iranian regime believes that the ostensible worldwide Jewish conspiracy to “destroy Islam” is centered in the United States which is therefore dubbed “the Great Satan”, is there no chance that America will elude chemical weapons attacks against major cities by staying out of an international coalition to impose a no-fly zone over Iran and destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Iran will simply believe that the US is behind both the international coalition and the IAF (Israeli Air Force) destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Truth does not matter much to those ensnared in the malicious fantasy that is conspiratorial Anti-Semitism and there is no way America can persuade Iran that it is not involved. Therefore is there no logic whatsoever to America staying out of an international coalition to establish and maintain a no-fly zone over Iran. America will certainly not be able to appease Iran due to the Iranian regime’s belief in conspiratorial Anti-Semitism.

The United States would therefore be particularly well-advised to join a coalition to impose and maintain a no-fly zone over Iran. Not only will a no-fly zone permanently prevent Iran from rebuilding its nuclear weapons program since the no-fly zone will enable intermittent attacks against Iranian nuclear facilities but an international no-fly zone will provide air support to armed rebellions throughout Iran and although successful outcomes of the armed rebellions in Iran’s ethnic periphery is virtually guaranteed is there a considerable chance that the armed rebellion in Persia will succeed as well and thus bring down the Khomeinist regime.

The combined size of the participating air forces will be a considerable factor in ensuring the success of the armed rebellions in Persian areas. While an international coalition could impose a no-fly zone without the US taking part, America’s participation with its vast air force will considerably increase the chances of a successful uprising among the Persian as well. American participation in an international coalition to establish a no-fly zone over Iran is therefore a vital American national security interest so as to prevent a second wave of Iranian chemical weapons mass terrorist attacks against major American cities.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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