Governments in Islamdom Regard Islamism/Jihadism as Main Threat

The Biden administration wants to focus on the rivalry with China and Russia, yet this is distinctly not how governments in Islamdom see the world. To most governments in Islamdom is Islamism/Jihadism the main threat and therefore is Israel regarded as the indispensable great power that can afford them protection as the United States is not considered reliable. Islamism/Jihadism remains the main threat against national security worldwide and not only in nations of Islamdom.

The US attempt to once more defer in time the Iranian threat has quite predictably failed and the Jihadist threat against the American homeland is worse than at any time before. Worst of all, America is unable to defend itself against Iranian designs to attack major American cities with chemical weapons in response to Israel (or the US) destroying the Iranian nuclear weapons program. It is impossible to detect Iranian submarines approaching American coastlines carrying chemical and biological weapons. It is impossible to detect sleeper cells tasked years ago with setting off weapons of mass destruction in major American cities. America is literally helpless.

The Biden administration’s attempt to focus mainly on China and Russia has thus already failed as the Iran question will no doubt come to define the Biden presidency. While it makes sense for the US to subcontract much of its duties as a superpower in Islamdom to Israel, not everything can be outsourced to Israel and there is no way for America to completely disengage from Islamdom as America will inevitably be sucked back again.

The cold war with Islamism/Jihadism has been ongoing since 1979 and shows no signs of abating and while America can subcontract most of the actual fighting to Israel and its partners in Islamdom is there no way that America can completely disengage from the ongoing cold war with Islamism/Jihadism.

As regards the Iran threat, the US must lead and actively take part in the emerging coalition to impose a no-fly zone over Iran and provide air support to armed rebellions throughout Iran as American participation is crucial for the success of the insurrections in Persian areas which are necessary for bringing down the regime and avoid an American invasion.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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