Endless Negotiations are Back on the Table

An interview with US Iran envoy Rob Malley on CNN informs us that the Malley doctrine of endless negotiations is back and the Blinken doctrine of opposition to endless negotiations is dead, or at least so far the moment. Malley, the notorious appeaser of Islamists, is convinced that Iran is advancing its hugely expensive nuclear weapons program merely in order to “build leverage” to “get a better deal”. Not only is this absurd but this shows that Malley is in complete denial about why Iran is advancing its nuclear weapons program, namely to become a superpower to rival and replace the United States. 

There is apparently an intense power struggle within the Biden administration between hawks and doves over the future course of US Iran policy. For the moment, the appeasement doves have the upper hand. To Tehran does this show the success of Iranian intransigence as its policy is paying off in the US administration according to Malley being ready to “negotiate a wholly different deal” which according to Malley is precisely what Iran wants. Of course Iran wants no such thing since a nuclear agreement with the United States certainly not being in the interest of the Khomeinist regime. Iran is merely playing for time in order to avoid Russia and China moving to reimpose UN sanctions against Iran.

One must understand the Iranian position in this regard. What is the point of Iran delaying its nuclear weapons program in return for strictly temporary sanctions relief when any agreement will be abrogated by the next Republican administration? What international companies would invest in Iran or engage in anything other than short-term trade when the sanctions relief is strictly temporary? There is no economic gain in that for the Khomeinist regime so why would they put limits on their nuclear weapons program in return for sanctions relief that would be of minimal economic benefit for Iran? Of course, Rob Malley lives in his own alternative universe and refuses to understand the perfectly rational motivations behind the Iranian disinterest in any kind of nuclear deal with the United States.

The consequence of the return of the Malley doctrine of endless negotiations is that a joint Israeli-American attack on the Iranian nuclear weapons program will probably be delayed as will the simultaneous imposition of a no-fly zone over Iran. Of course, nuclear negotiations with Iran will not lead anywhere, as Malley’s pronouncements only confirm Israeli suspicions that this Democratic administration cannot be trusted on the Iran issue.

It is of course historically very common for American presidents to be torn between conflicting advice from rival advisors. The problem with Rob Malley is that he is entirely detached from reality regarding completely adversarial Iranian intentions vis-a-vis the United States, a.k.a. “the Great Satan”. Malley is perfectly comfortable with continuing to try to appease Iran and thus granting the regime continued international legitimacy in return for Iran accelerating its nuclear weapons program. The rational response would be to deny Iran international legitimacy but Malley’s policy is the opposite of that, namely rewarding Iran by granting it international legitimacy in response to Iran accelerating its nuclear weapons program. 

Malley is unintentionally doing his best to undermine American deterrence vis-a-vis Iran as if unaware of the severe Iranian WMD mass terrorist threat against the American homeland. Why has Malley once more gained the upper hand in the internal power struggle in the Biden administration? The answer is successful Iranian WMD terrorist deterrence against the United States of America.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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