Chemical Genocide

Iranian officials constantly repeat their intention to “annihilate Israel” and say that “Israel will be destroyed” if it attacks the Iranian nuclear weapons program. What does the regime mean? They are referring to the mass use of chemical weapons against Israeli cities. Iran is convinced that Israel and the United States are bluffing and that no one will prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons. 

The international community is well aware of the Iranian chemical weapons threat but no government is interested in worrying its citizens and so this is not talked about in public despite Iran planning to retaliate with weapons of mass destruction against possibly as many as dozens of countries after America and Israel destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program. However, Iran is not bluffing and the threat is very real. Iran believes that its missile, rocket, drone and chemical weapons deterrence posture is so effective that Israel is deterred from attacking Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Tehran similarly believes that the US dares not attack the Iranian nuclear weapons program out of fear of Iranian retaliation with chemical weapons against major American cities. The Khomeinist regime therefore believes that its nuclear weapons program is immune from attacks by Israel and the United States. 

America, Israel and the rest of the emerging Iran coalition are however keenly aware that the Iranian WMD threat will become a hundred times worse if Iran is not prevented from developing nuclear capability. Nevertheless, Iran is planning chemical genocide against the Jewish people in Israel. The chemical weapons threat emanates from Hezbollah as well as from Iran itself and there is no choice but to neutralize both threats. Israeli intelligence has for decades prevented terrorism in Europe and elsewhere and the upcoming regional war is the right time for Israel’s allies to stand in solidarity with Israel rather than engage in baseless knee-jerk criticism without first checking the facts, something which tragically undermines international public support for Israel and plays into the hands of the Jihadist enemy.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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