Oman, Qatar and Kuwait Need to Join the Regional Security Architecture

Those who feed crocodiles are also subsequently eaten by those very same crocodiles. This is something for Oman, Qatar and Kuwait to ponder who all have made sure to maintain good relations with Iran. Yet can anyone doubt that the Iranian crocodile intends to swallow Oman, Qatar and Kuwait? Being friends with Tehran is like being friends with a serial murderer, you are liable to end up as the next victim. Muscat, Doha and Kuwait City may think that they buy themselves immunity from Iranian attack by maintaining good relations with Tehran, however they should internalize that imperialists have no friends, only prospective victims. Finland and Sweden have internalized this vital lesson in Europe vis-a-vis Russia. Oman, Qatar and Kuwait need to do so in the Gulf vis-a-vis Iran. 

While calculating that maintaining a balancing act between the United States and Iran is useful is that no insurance at all against an Iranian invasion. Iran may rather conclude that those three nations are American protectorates and thus free game according to Twelver theology for Iranian invasions following a joint Israeli-American destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Let us not kid ourselves, Iran wants both the oil and the eschatological region where the three messianic figures of the Mahdi, Jesus and the Dajjal are slated to appear in Mecca, Damascus and Jerusalem respectively. Once Iran gains control over the Gulf oil, Iran will have become a superpower. Therefore it certainly makes sense for Iran to conquer all GCC countries considering their extreme oil wealth. There is no reason why Iran should refrain from conquering those three nations in the event of a war between Iran and the Israel-led regional security architecture. They are easy to swallow, doing so requires little effort and the benefits are enormous.

Therefore Muscat, Doha and Kuwait City need to reassess their respective geostrategic positions, change course and join the new Israel-led regional security architecture that is rapidly being erected throughout the region. The three nations are not yet ready to recognize Israel but they would be particularly well-advised to opt for the Saudi model, i.e. economic normalization and becoming part of the Israel-led regional security architecture while deferring official recognition and formal diplomatic ties for later. The Israel-led regional security architecture is still very new and did not even exist a few months ago and so Muscat, Doha and Kuwait City are now obliged to urgently put their respective national survival first and prioritize their vital national security interests, something which dictates joining the Israel-led regional security architecture. The current regional policies of Oman, Qatar and Kuwait which are dictated by distinct military disadvantage vis-a-vis Iran are perfectly understandable and made sense only a few months ago but now there is a far better option available which integrates the three countries into a high tech regional military framework that offers much better prospects for keeping the three nations safe. Finland and Sweden learned that a national security doctrine cannot be based on conjecture and Oman, Qatar and Kuwait should internalize this essential insight as well.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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