Inside Iran’s Expansionist Mindset

Twelver Shia theology prohibits offensive war but Khomeinists believe it allows terrorism which it peculiarly construes as defensive, so-called “resistance”. Khomeinist Iran has so far engaged in regional expansionism through proxies, i.e. Shiite militias. Iran also maintains a close relationship with the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood everywhere but in Syria, which is also expressed in Iran’s alliance with Palestinian Hamas. Iran has a marriage of convenience with the Pseudo-Shiite Crypto-Jewish Alawite regime (Alawism is one of nine denominations of core Median Judaism) despite or perhaps thanks to the irreligious nature of the Syrian regime, something which has allowed Iran to station large numbers of Iranian troops on Syrian soil with the consent of the Anti-Zionist Syrian regime.

However, in order to conquer other countries in the Twelver eschatological region of Mecca, Damascus and Jerusalem would Iran first have to be substantially attacked in order for such conquest to be theologically justified. A joint American-Israeli destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons program would be such a casus belli that would theologically justify conquering regional nations deemed vassals of the perceived American-Jewish global conspiracy to destroy Islam, i.e. the American superpower.

Of course this is Iran’s Plan B as Tehran intends to gain nuclear weapons capability which would give the regime the ability to terrorize the world with WMD with complete impunity, indeed rest assured that the Iranians have a well-prepared Plan B to be implemented subsequent to the destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

Iran will never be allowed to develop nuclear weapons and so the implementation of Iran’s Plan B is therefore virtually inevitable. Iran’s overall geostrategy is to prompt the reappearance of the Hidden Imam and install him as the ruler of a global Khomeinist theocracy and we need therefore study the strategic implications of that ambition.

There are three messianic figures in Islam, these are the Mahdi (identified as the Hidden Imam among Twelver Shias), Jesus and the Dajjal, the Deceitful Messiah; who are slated to appear in Mecca, Damascus and Jerusalem respectively. In order to prompt the reappearance of the Hidden Imam must Iran engineer a global terrorist apocalypse with weapons of mass destruction. Such a vast global calamity it is estimated could credibly provoke the Hidden Imam to reappear from the state of occultation in which he has been since the 9th century CE according to Twelver theology. However, this is not enough, Iran must as part of the apocalypse control the three cities of Mecca, Damascus and Jerusalem and this requires theologically justifiable Iranian “defensive” conquest of the Twelver eschatological region. Iran is already in indirect control of Damascus and conquering Mecca and Jerusalem therefore have the highest possible priority for the ruling Khomeinists.

However, Khomeinists are also practical geostrategists and understand that conquering not only Saudi Arabia but all GCC countries would transform Iran into a superpower. Control over GCC oil resources would give Iran tremendous political leverage which would allow Tehran to extort the rest of the world into adhering to Iran’s political diktats. Furthermore would it provide Tehran with the financial resources necessary to build the kind of military force necessary for world conquest. 

What is the time frame for this project? Please be cognizant that Iran intends to do this under a nuclear umbrella but it will actually be attempted as part of Tehran’s backup plan. For Iran is an American-Israeli destruction of its nuclear weapons program not merely a disaster but a divine sign that the Islamic Republic of Iran should strike back with full force against “the enemies of God”. But more practically will oil consumption be phased out in the coming decades which means that the economic and geostrategic value of conquering GCC nations would be lost if the invasion of GCC nations would be deferred for too long. Therefore is the inevitable American-Israeli destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons program a unique and attractive window of opportunity for Khomeinist theo-strategists. It is certainly worth repeating that the Khomeinists need a theologically valid casus belli in order to invade the GCC countries and so Muscat, Doha and Kuwait City should certainly watch their backs and urgently join the emerging new regional security architecture.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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