Can Iran’s Apocalyptic Scheme be Thwarted?

If Iran did not believe that Iranian territorial control over the Twelver eschatological region was essential for the success of the planned Khomeinist man-made apocalypse as intended to prompt the reappearance of the Hidden Imam in Mecca, then surely Iran would not be so geostrategically obsessed with taking control over this region where the three Islamic Messianic figures of the Mahdi (identified by Twelvers with the Hidden Imam), the Dajjal (the Deceitful Messiah) and Jesus are expected to appear in Mecca, Jerusalem and Damascus respectively. Surely this is not just about the Gulf oil although undoubtedly strategically crucial to the Iranian calculus. Tehran’s theologians believe that messianic eschatological events will play out in the area and that it therefore is essential that Iran controls the entire Twelver eschatological region. Currently the militarily vulnerable GCC lies open for Iranian conquest with the ruling mullahs assuming that President Biden will not come to the defense of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf states. This apparent Iranian calculation is very dangerous and indeed highly destabilizing and is based upon the dangerous perception among international adversaries of the United States that the Biden administration is “weak”.  The regime furthermore believes that the (inevitable) American-Israeli destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons program is a divine sign that it is time to commence the Khomeinist WMD global apocalypse.

Iran believes that the Iranian Axis will be able to paralyze and destroy Israel with rockets, missiles, drones and chemical weapons and then get hold of its nuclear weapons arsenals once it is defeated. This Iranian perception is severely misguided and mistaken but it is evidenced by countless statements by Iranian officials in recent years expressing confidence in the Iranian Axis’ ability to destroy Israel. There is no doubt that Israel will take a severe beating when Iran and its proxies within the course of a week unleashes their entire arsenal in a frontal assault intended to destroy Israel and the Israeli government is not yet preparing the Israeli public for what will be far worse than the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Yet Israel is strong and will prevail provided that it is not prevented by Washington from destroying Hezbollah, liberating Lebanon and Syria and establishing peace with an Aramean state and a PYD-led government in Damascus with Median Jewish (Alawite and Druze) regions of Syria and Lebanon annexed to Israel through a trilateral peace agreement between Jerusalem, Beirut and Damascus.

Saudi Arabia and the other GCC nations are a different matter though as the Iranian military is vastly larger than the Saudi one despite Saudi Arabia having a modern air force and Iran not yet having one. Tehran’s perception is that both Israel and Saudi Arabia are ripe fruits ready to be picked and Iran is thus ready for escalation and hence also prepared to instigate the global WMD apocalypse which particularly includes mass biological terrorist attacks against major US cities with the goal of impressing upon the American public the need for leaving Islamdom entirely and abandoning Israel. 

A Middle Eastern NATO to the inclusion of both Israel and the United States would be ideal but a more realistic goal initially would be a defense pact between the USA and the KSA. Such a defense alliance would prevent escalation in the region by holding back Iran from invading Saudi Arabia and thus also the other Gulf states. Most importantly would it protect the American homeland from Iranian biological weapons terrorist attacks since Tehran would not trigger the global WMD apocalypse without also simultaneously taking control over Mecca where the Hidden Imam is slated to reappear. President Biden should not be expected to sign a defense pact with the KSA out of affection for MBS but rather out of concern for protecting the lives of millions of Americans and defending American interests as an Iran in control over the GCC countries would be able to extort US allies through the oil weapon and effectively supplant the US as the global hegemon. Make no mistake, no international agreement than the prospective USA-KSA defense pact was ever more crucial to American national security and America’s stature in the world.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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