A Bipartisan Strategy for Great Power Competition for the Next 50 Years

There is not much disagreement between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party on Russia and China and there won’t be on Iran once the negotiation track is definitely declared dead. What is needed is a threepronged bipartisan global strategy for the next 50 years. Russia, China and Iran each require a unique strategy of containment leading to victory and the three strategies must complement each other.

It is essential that the two parties in Congress agree on an integrated global meta-strategy so that such a bipartisan consensus would be effectively binding on all presidents whether Republican or Democrat. It is vital that leaders of Congress reach across the aisle to form such a bipartisan covenant that would guide in the coming great power competition for the next 50 years. Continuity in US foreign policy strategy is absolutely essential considering how longterm Russia, China and Iran are in their respective international strategies. 

However, it is not my purpose here to draw up comprehensive strategies but let me just highlight some key points:


Moscow must be comprehensively defeated in Ukraine and forced to withdraw all its forces from every inch of sovereign Ukrainian territory and this can be attained by providing Ukraine with sufficient weapons. Russia is motivated in its quest to conquer Ukraine and ultimately the rest of Europe by its fear of China and Beijing’s designs for Siberia. By defeating Russia can Moscow subsequently be co-opted into an international alliance that would surround, encircle and contain China in order to prevent Chinese territorial expansionism. Furthermore, in order to deter and co-opt Moscow, Washington must strongly pressure EU member governments to form a unified European military. 


Any Iran strategy must be based on the dictum “know thy enemy”, meaning understanding Iran’s theo-strategy must be at the core of any US strategy. Iran wants the Fertile Crescent and Arabia because the three Messianic figures (the Hidden Imam in Mecca, Jesus in Damascus and the Dajjal in Jerusalem) are slated to appear there with subsequent eschatological, apocalyptic and messianic events. US national security is under severe threat as Iran plans a global WMD apocalypse including using biological weapons against major US cities. The strategy must be based on convincing Iran’s leaders by various means that the end times are far from imminent and that they will not prevail.


The competition with China requires a comprehensive strategy for global democratization, including the creation of a global free-trade zone for liberal democracies only, a universal court of that can overrule laws and government decisions which contradict a new universal charter of liberal democracy and there needs to be a new international defense alliance for liberal democracies. The US alone cannot in the long term compete against China considering the much larger demographic size of China and that China will almost inevitably catch up economically with the United States. Hence the need for a global democratic commonwealth that can compete as a US-led collective against China. There would be particularly strong economic incentives for non-democracies to democratize, liberalize and join such a commonwealth considering that international investors would be highly likely to prefer commonwealth members as destinations for foreign investment. This is so as the democratic commonwealth would offer investors long term economic safety both in terms of national security and political stability.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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