Iran Poses a Greater Threat to the US than to Israel

America’s adversaries, including Iran, fear Republican administrations but certainly not Democratic administrations. Why is this so? Democratic administrations are more concerned about human rights while Republican administrations are more concerned about realpolitik. The real question is therefore whether the Iranian nuclear weapons program will be destroyed under the current Democratic administration or under the next administration which will very likely be Republican. The US knows that it will be subjected to Iranian retaliation irrespective of whether it takes part in the destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons program and so there is no point in opting out.

Iran’s foreign minister the other day pointed out that it is not only the US that has a Plan B, but that Iran also has a Plan B. What is this Iranian Plan B? The Iranian leadership views an American-Israeli attack on their nuclear weapons program as a divine sign that it is time for the Khomeinist apocalypse. Iran will attack the American homeland with biological weapons, invade GCC nations, attack Israel with chemical weapons in order to destroy the the Jewish state and quite possibly use chemical weapons against European nations deemed “Islamophobic”, all with the purpose of prompting the reappearance of the Hidden Imam in an Iranian-controlled Mecca.

The reality however is that America is much safer under Republican administrations due to Republican presidents being ready to respond with nuclear weapons against Iran for attacking America with biological weapons. How many will die in America from biological weapons? Possibly millions. This is the worst threat against American national security since the Civil War.

The Biden administration has declared that America has lost nothing by insisting on negotiating with Iran. Of course, it is very understandable that Washington seeks an agreement with Tehran considering the scope of the threat from Tehran. However, Tehran has no interest in an agreement for the simple reason that electric vehicles inevitably in the future will replace those powered by gasoline and diesel, thus depriving Iran of its great power status. Iran must thus act timely to break out as a nuclear power and then conquer the GCC and destroy Israel so as to become a superpower with global reach able to extort America’s allies through the power of oil and conquer the rest of Islamdom. Thus, primarily because of Elon Musk and Tesla, Iran is no longer interested in the JCPOA. It is understandable that the US wants to explore every possible diplomatic avenue but this will lead nowhere. On the contrary, negotiations are dangerous because this sends the message that America is weak, afraid, desperate for an agreement at any price and will not retaliate with nuclear weapons.

The Lapid government has changed Israel’s nuclear doctrine which used to be that Israel would not introduce nuclear weapons into the Middle East. The new Israeli nuclear doctrine is that Israel will not only use nuclear nuclear weapons defensively (i.e. in response to a nuclear attack) but also offensively. What does this curious wording refer to? It means that Israel will use nuclear weapons against Iran if the Iranian axis attacks Israeli cities with chemical weapons.

The United States needs to adopt a similar deterrence posture against Iran. President Biden would be particularly well-advised to immediately fire his appeaser-in-chief Rob Malley as keeping him in place undermines confidence in America among Arab allies, end the fruitless so-called “negotiations” with Iran and officially declare that America will nuke a number of Iranian cities if Iran attacks the American homeland with biological weapons. It is surely about time to put American interests first! Israel is able to defend itself but who is looking out for American interests? At present it appears, no one. Rather, the obviously well-intentioned, yet inept Biden administration has severely undermined American national security and completely undone American deterrence vis-a-vis Iran. America is under threat like never before and official American policy is making the situation worse. This is certainly not a partisan critique of the Biden administration as I am not an American but is made out of genuine concern for the national security of Israel’s best friend.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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