Biden has to Choose Between Iran and Saudi Arabia

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has had enough, he does not trust the United States in general and President Biden in particular and for good reasons. Three US presidents (Obama, Trump and Biden) have pursued American disengagement from the Middle East. Trump refrained from defending Saudi Arabia when it was attacked by Iran and MBS does not trust Biden’s claim that disengaging from the Middle East was a mistake.

First of all let’s begin with the question of whether the policy of disengaging from the Middle East was a mistake? America must make sure that Arabian oil does not fall into the hands of Iran and so it would be in the interest of the United States to enter into a defense alliance with the GCC directed against Iran. This would serve as a mighty deterrence, not only in deterring Iran from attacking GCC nations but also in deterring Iran from attacking major American cities with biological weapons. Why is this so? The purpose of the manmade Khomeinist apocalypse is to bring the Mahdi, identified with the Hidden Imam and he is slated to reappear in Mecca and so Iran must control Mecca when the Hidden Imam reappears in Mecca. A reinforced American commitment to defend Mecca would therefore plausibly deter the Iranians from attacking America as well. The primary US interest in the region is to prevent war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. A policy of 1) disengagement from the Middle East), 2) a defense pact with the GCC and 3) a policy of outsourcing regional superpower duties to Israel would drastically strengthen regional stability and security and give America a more low profile yet no less influential role with crucially strengthened soft power in the region since Israel would do America’s bidding. Israel will always remain wholly dependent on America and the US outsourcing its regional superpower duties to Israel would drastically strengthen the Israeli-American special relationship. 

The reality is that America is overextended worldwide and will find it increasingly difficult in the decades to come to compete with a China that inevitably will catch up with and overcome the United States economically and is already competing with the United States technologically and militarily. America must outsource power to its democratic partners and allies worldwide and help empower them. America must lead a global democratic commonwealth of liberal democracies and will only thus be able to prevail over China.

MBS is certainly a colorful leader and it is true that he is giving Biden the choice between a non-existent JCPOA with no chance of resuscitation and Saudi Arabia. It is imperative that President Biden once more overcomes his old antagonism towards MBS and deals with Saudi Arabia with some empathy. How about Biden putting himself into MBS’ shoes and understanding how it feels to fear being abandoned by the sole superpower? And apparently MBS’ fears are clearly not unwarranted as Biden rushes to threaten to abandon the KSA the moment OPEC production quotas are decreased. One must surely wonder whether Rob Malley’s stated private agenda of aligning the United States of America with the Islamic Republic of Iran is also President Biden’s unstated geopolitical intention as it was clearly President Obama’s? Not that there is any chance of aligning Iran with “the Great Satan” but if Malley and Obama think there is then so may indeed Biden. Malley has officially stated that returning to the JCPOA would only be the first step and that the second step would be an agreement that would address regional issues and this appears to profoundly worry MBS.

What is peculiar is that Biden thinks that it is reasonable to abandon Saudi Arabia even prior to the attainment of the imagined reconciliation with Iran. This obsession in certain Democratic circles in Washington with abandoning Riyadh is also rather strange. What makes them think that Iran would make a better ally? MBS is keenly aware that the Biden administration is the third Obama administration which has retained the long-term Iran strategy of the first and second Obama administrations. 

Now with the growing feminist revolution in Iran there is a unique window of opportunity to force regime change in Tehran with extremely high certainty of success. America’s allies in the Middle East are all too keenly aware that Biden has the powers to impose a no-fly zone now with air support to insurgents and bring down the terrorist mullahs but Biden refuses to do so. MBS apparently believes that Biden plans to befriend the mullahs at his expense and it seems that MBS may be right. Would Biden align with Iran and ditch KSA if given the opportunity? Who really can doubt that? It is still Team Obama in power and it is the same Iran strategy.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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