The Role of Allah in Palestinian Views of the Future

Most Palestinians are convinced with absolute confidence that Israel will eventually be vanquished and that 7 million Israeli Jews will be removed from Israel. Why is this so you may wonder? 1) First there is the belief that God is on the side of the Muslims and that this is the reason for the historicalContinue reading “The Role of Allah in Palestinian Views of the Future”

Jews are a Nation of Color

Racialization of Jews have a long pedigree in the history of Anti-Semitism. Racialization of Jews was practiced in Spain against the Anusim (“Marranos”), Jews who were involuntarily converted to Christianity during the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492. Racialization of Jews in Germany became prominent already in the second half of the 19thContinue reading “Jews are a Nation of Color”

The Islamic Veneer in Alevism

What is the Islamic Veneer in Alevism? Alevis do not practice any aspect of Islam in their daily life whatsoever but during the holiday celebrations known as Cem (pronounced Djem, from Hebrew “Yom” i.e. “day”) do they sing extremist Shiite lyrics that include the deification (sic!) of Mohammad and Ali. This is not even “Islamic”Continue reading “The Islamic Veneer in Alevism”