The Other Median Judaism

While the core peoples of Median Judaism are the Alawites, the Alevis, the Bektashis, the Druze, the Samaritans, the Yarsanis and the Yezidis in addition to the pre-Israelite modern Sumerian Mandaeans are there other peoples of Median Judaism around the world who remain Jewish, meaning they have not been converted by religious imperialism, whether Islamic,Continue reading “The Other Median Judaism”

Arming America’s Kurdish Allies

The AANES (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria) and the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) of northern Iraq suffer from hostility from regional Islamist powers. Islamist Turkey is implacably hostile to the AANES and frequently attacks northeast Syria from the the air despite the SDF/YPG never having ever launched a single attack against Turkish territoryContinue reading “Arming America’s Kurdish Allies”

Who are the Palestinians?

The Palestinians identify as Arabs but as the other Arabized peoples of the wider Arab world are Palestinians descended from the pre-Arab population which in the land of Israel was Jewish and Samaritan and increasingly Christianized. Just as contemporary Arabic-speaking Egyptians are descended from Egyptian-speaking Egyptians and the Maghrebis are descended from Berbers and theContinue reading “Who are the Palestinians?”

Why Alevis are not Muslims

Israeli law grants the right to immigrate to Jews but not to Jews who are affiliated with other religions. Yezidis, Yarsanis and Druze are clearly and undisputably non-Muslim but Alevis, Bektashis and Alawites are a somewhat different case since they have an Islamic veneer and on occasion pretend to be Muslim. Alevis do not practiceContinue reading “Why Alevis are not Muslims”

The Case for Israeli Sovereignty over the entire Judea and Samaria

Israeli control over Judea and Samaria since 1967 has pacified the eastern front and removed strategic military threats against Gush Dan (Metropolitan Tel Aviv) and Jerusalem, Israel’s capital. Israeli control over Judea and Samaria turned Israel into a strategic asset for the United States as Israel became a beacon of stability in the region sinceContinue reading “The Case for Israeli Sovereignty over the entire Judea and Samaria”

Responsible Disengagement from Islamdom

Israel is America’s most dependable ally in the Middle East and arguably anywhere in the world. As America redefines its national interests in Islamdom is it essential that America tactically outsources parts of its great power role to Israel rather than inadvertently abandoning the region to rivals of the US. The Trump administration and inContinue reading “Responsible Disengagement from Islamdom”

Islamism and Jihadism are the Enemy

The rivalry between the United States and China must not lead us to overlook the fact that the Cold War with Islamism and Jihadism is ongoing and is likely to go on for decades until Islamism and Jihadism ultimately are discredited among Muslims by becoming eclipsed by globalizing digital liberalization. There has always been aContinue reading “Islamism and Jihadism are the Enemy”

Whither America

Will America turn isolationist on Islamdom? Iran is counting on that the Biden administration will continue the US military withdrawal from Islamdom as first announced by the isolationist Trump administration. America is energy independent and no longer relies on Gulf oil and therefore there is a certain logic in the US militarily disengaging from anContinue reading “Whither America”

The Laughing Regime

Tehran accelerates its nuclear weapons program while not even pretending to negotiate. The regime watches on how the US and the so-called “international community” do precisely nothing. No snapback sanctions. The regime’s mass terror and WMD deterrence have been extremely successful since 2015 in creating and reinforcing the international consensus that Iran’s genocidal nuclear weaponsContinue reading “The Laughing Regime”

Hezbollah must be Destroyed

The Iranian threat to Israel increases by the year. Hezbollah is converting its 150 000 stock of missiles into precision weapons. The cost of war with Hezbollah increases as Hezbollah’s inventory grows and becomes increasingly advanced. Israel therefore needs to plan for conquering the entire Lebanon. Eliminating Hezbollah’s missiles cannot happen through air strikes aloneContinue reading “Hezbollah must be Destroyed”

Israel’s Challenge of Integration

The two major non-Zionist segments of the Israeli population, Israeli Haredim (strictly Orthodox Jews) and Palestinian Israelis have for long largely remained outside of the country’s economic mainstream. Poverty is endemic in both sectors as Haredi and Palestinian households typically have only one breadwinner with Palestinian women in Israel typically being homemakers and Haredi menContinue reading “Israel’s Challenge of Integration”

Reassessing Democratization and Liberalization in Islamdom

Democracy was tried in Egypt after the downfall of former president Hosni Mubarak and over 60% of Egyptian voters cast their lot with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists. The choice was clear. The Egyptian people voted against liberal democracy in favor of theocracy. So the experiment failed and a year later was the EgyptianContinue reading “Reassessing Democratization and Liberalization in Islamdom”

Learning the Lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan

The US was certainly not wrong in liberating Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003). The mistake the US made was in staying there on the ground for years on. It is notable that public advocates of allied liberation of Iraq (whether neoconservatives or others) never supported a prolonged US troop presence on the ground in IraqContinue reading “Learning the Lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan”

Skyscraper Nation

Israel currently has 9 million citizens of whom 7 million are Jews. Israel’s Haredi population is expected to reach the 40 million mark at the end of the 21st century and 16 years later double to 80 million and then 160 million. Israel’s non-Haredi Jewish population has a relatively high growth rate for a developedContinue reading “Skyscraper Nation”

Racializing the Jews

There is a certain logocentrism at work in how pre-Israel European Anti-Semitism and post-Holocaust Anti-Zionism racialize and stigmatize Jews with particularly intense interest in specifically Ashkenazi Jews. Pre-Israel European Anti-Semitism claimed that Ashkenazi Jews were racial “Orientals” who were “genetically alien” to Europe. Post-Holocaust Anti-Zionists in contrast claim that Ashkenazi Jews are racial “Europeans” whoContinue reading “Racializing the Jews”

The Case for a US No-Fly Zone over Iran

The United States should consider establishing a no-fly zone over Iran subsequent to a US military strategic degradation of the Iranian nuclear weapons program. A no-fly zone over the entire Iran will signal to the peoples of Iran, including in the periphery that regional rebellions against the regime will have the support of the UnitedContinue reading “The Case for a US No-Fly Zone over Iran”

The Losing Proposition of Palestinian Statehood

Many nations have betted on the perceived “inevitability” of Palestinian statehood since 1988 by “recognizing” the non-existent ostensible Palestinian “state”. One persistent argument was “the Palestinian womb” when in fact nowadays the Palestinian fertility rate is falling and the Israeli Jewish fertility rate is rising with both demographic groups now having 3 children per womanContinue reading “The Losing Proposition of Palestinian Statehood”

Politics of the Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood is the world’s largest Islamist movement, yet it is often poorly understood due to its secrecy and dissimulation. All branches and front organizations worldwide of the Muslim Brotherhood support the restoration of a sharia-based Caliphate that would span the entire Islamdom and eventually the entire world. Yet the Muslim Brotherhood recognizes that theContinue reading “Politics of the Muslim Brotherhood”

The Conversion Controversy

Until a few decades ago was there no question as to the Orthodox definition of who is a Jew. A Jew was someone born from a Jewish mother or converted by an Orthodox rabbi. This is in itself problematic since Halakha nowhere requires the involvement of a rabbi for a Jewish religious court, a beitContinue reading “The Conversion Controversy”

Turning the Tables on Iran’s Regional Strategy

Iran’s regional policy can be summarized as taking over the countries of the region by exploiting pre-existing ethnic discord and establishing regional armed formations. The US and the Israeli-Muslim alliance of majority-Muslim nations of the Arab world and the former Soviet Union need to turn the tables on Iran and apply Iran’s own strategy insideContinue reading “Turning the Tables on Iran’s Regional Strategy”

A Neo-Wilsonian US Policy for the Near East

The Kurds are faithful and staunchly pro-American allies of the United States despite the Trump administration’s shameful abandonment of the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) in Iraq and the AANEA (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria). It is crucially in the interest of the US to strengthen the Kurds as a strategic lever against Anti-AmericanContinue reading “A Neo-Wilsonian US Policy for the Near East”

Iran’s Strategic Calculus

The Khomeinist regime in Tehran has concluded that restoring the JCPOA is not an Iranian national interest and has therefore opted for accelerating its nuclear weapons program. How does the regime reason? Tehran reasons that an agreement on resumption of the JCPOA would in any case be abrogated in 4 or 8 years time byContinue reading “Iran’s Strategic Calculus”