The Dönmeh are Fighting for their Home

Turkey was for most of the 20th century indirectly ruled by the Crypto-Jewish Dönmeh community through the Derin Devlet (Turkish for ‘Deep State’). The past two decades have however seen an intense power struggle between the Crypto-Islamist AKP (the Turkish branch of the Muslim Brotherhood) and the Derin Devlet.  Due to the centuries-old canard thatContinue reading “The Dönmeh are Fighting for their Home”

Why Jews can’t Live in a Palestinian State

Why is it that almost everyone seems to assume that restorative indigenous Jewish strategic communities in Judea and Samaria would have to be evacuated in order to establish a Palestinian state? The Kushner peace plan shows that no evacuations are necessary as all such communities would under the plan fall under Israeli sovereignty. But whyContinue reading “Why Jews can’t Live in a Palestinian State”

The Complexity of the Israeli-Turkish Relationship

Turkey’s dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan openly supports Hamas, has called for international sanctions against Israel and has denounced Arab normalization with Israel. Yet, Turkey itself has official diplomatic relations with Israel and fully normalized economic ties with Israel with a large and rapidly growing trade relationship. Even the boots of the soldiers of the IDFContinue reading “The Complexity of the Israeli-Turkish Relationship”

Behind the US-Turkish Alliance

The US-Turkish relationship was always an alliance between two secularist nations with secularist constitutions. Contemporary Turkey is ruled through a permanent power struggle between the Crypto-Islamist AKP (the Turkish branch of the Muslim Brotherhood) and the Dönmeh-led Derin Devlet (Turkish for ‘Deep State’). It may seem quite peculiar that a country with an Islamist dictatorContinue reading “Behind the US-Turkish Alliance”

The Crux of the Matter

Most governments in the international community regard the ongoing cold war with Jihadism and Islamism as purely a matter of national security. This is the result of narrow articulation of national interest whereby the ongoing global struggle with Jihadism and Islamism is reduced to a matter of “fighting terrorists”.  National security is also the prismContinue reading “The Crux of the Matter”

Refusing to Fight the Second Cold War

There has for the past two decades in effect been a cold war in place with Jihadism and Islamism worldwide. Yet, the US government myopically decided in 2001 to limit its efforts to a so-called “war on terror”, a euphemism for global war on armed Qutbism. Aside from the counter-terrorism effort has the US governmentContinue reading “Refusing to Fight the Second Cold War”

Allow the Bnei Menashe to Come Home to Israel

The remaining Bnei Menashe community of northeast India practice Modern Orthodox Judaism, yet have still not been converted to Orthodox Judaism over objections by the government of India. There are in total 10 000 Bnei Menashe, almost half of whom have been permitted to move to Israel and convert to Orthodox Judaism in Israel. TheContinue reading “Allow the Bnei Menashe to Come Home to Israel”

The Case of the Xuetas

In 2011 did the Bnei Brak rabbinical court of the late Israeli Haredi Posek rabbi Nissim Karelitz (1926-2019) formally recognize the endogamous Xueta (pronounced “Chueta”) Crypto-Jewish community of the Catalan Island of Majorca in Spain as Halakhically Jewish despite there being aspects of Christianity in their practice of Crypto-Judaism.  This is parallel to the questionContinue reading “The Case of the Xuetas”

Median Jewish Conversions and the Law of Return

Ethiopian Jewry are descendants from ancient converts to Median Judaism. The Orthodox Chief Rabbinate of Israel explicitly recognizes Ethiopian Jews as coming from the Northern Jurisdiction of Israel and obviously realizing that they are descended from ancient converts, considering that they genetically are not descended from Israelites. This is an important acknowledgement by Orthodox RabbinicContinue reading “Median Jewish Conversions and the Law of Return”

Whither the American-Israeli Alliance?

The pro-Palestinian lobby in Washington believes itself being close in years to a strategic breakthrough and that the Biden administration may be the last pro-Israel Democratic adminstration in US history. Political Anti-Zionists are however always notoriously optimistic about destroying Israel and its relations with the world. This is a serious misreading of the US-Israel specialContinue reading “Whither the American-Israeli Alliance?”

Why Dönmeh are Eligible for Aliyah to Israel

It has been widely claimed for hundreds of years that the 17th century Dönmeh founding generation converted to Islam and that the Dönmeh are somehow Muslims. But how is this possible considering that the Dönmeh do not practice Islam and never practiced Islam? In being part of the Bektashi Order in transcending the boundaries ofContinue reading “Why Dönmeh are Eligible for Aliyah to Israel”

The Power Struggle Between the AKP and the Derin Devlet

The power struggle between the AKP and the Dönmeh-led Derin Devlet (Turkish for ‘Deep state’) has been going on now for two decades in Turkey and has resulted in a slow yet significant Islamization of society and otherwise mostly a stalemate. While it is true that the AKP (the Turkish branch of the Muslim Brotherhood)Continue reading “The Power Struggle Between the AKP and the Derin Devlet”

Why the Israeli Government keeps quiet on Median Jewry

Why does the Israeli government not announce to the world that the descendants of the ten deported tribes have been located and number in the tens of millions of Jews? After all, Median Jewry and Median Judaism have been positively located and identified and this is quite possible to confirm. The policy consequences for IsraelContinue reading “Why the Israeli Government keeps quiet on Median Jewry”

Iran’s Plan to Invade Israel

The Iranian regime is extremely strategically sophisticated (perhaps more so than any other state) and operates according to its own long-term planning. Iran seeks to build up a growing and expanding Iranian-controlled military presence and military infrastructure in southwest Syria west of northern Israel. The plan is audacious, to turn Iran, Iraq, Syria and LebanonContinue reading “Iran’s Plan to Invade Israel”

Necessary Authoritarianism

Many Muslim countries are incapable of liberal democracy due to the majority of the population supporting Islamists. It is important to emphasize that there are many Muslim countries where the opposite is true, where a substantial majority supports liberal democracy as in Tunisia and Morocco.  The US government should be more understanding of authoritarian practicesContinue reading “Necessary Authoritarianism”

Is America Deterred by Jihadism?

Does the American experience with Jihadism in Iraq and Afghanistan deter the United States on Iran? The answer is probably yes, in addition to Iran’s own very effective international mass terror deterrence, potentially with chemical, biological and radiological weapons of mass destruction. Jihadist Iran certainly deters America in particular and the international community in general.Continue reading “Is America Deterred by Jihadism?”

Are Palestinians Oppressed?

Palestinian nationalists frequently claim that they are oppressed by the Jews, but are they? Are Palestinians an oppressed group? Palestinians in Israel face informal discrimination in the labor market but this is nothing unusual in the liberal democratic world as Muslims in all Western democracies generally face informal discrimination in the labor market. Furthermore, theContinue reading “Are Palestinians Oppressed?”

The Bleak Palestinian Reality

The Palestinians of Gaza and Judea/Samaria are one of those predominantly Muslim peoples where the majority supports Islamism and they can therefore – like so many other predominantly Muslim peoples – not have a liberal democracy. The majority of the Palestinians are supporters of a Jihadist terrorist organization – Hamas – which they elected inContinue reading “The Bleak Palestinian Reality”

A People that Dwells Alone

As during the Holocaust is the Jewish people effectively left to its own devices. It is not that the Jewish people lacked friends at the time but rather that most did little to stop the genocide against the Jewish people. The situation is unchanged in this respect with the main difference being that there isContinue reading “A People that Dwells Alone”

An Indendent Kurdistan is a Joint American-Israeli Strategic Interest

Israel has since 1958 invested politically in the Kurdish national movement which since then has become a thorougly secular political movement as it was previously led by Muslim religious leaders. This support was based upon the Periphery strategy which prescribed Israel aligning with non-Muslims and non-Arabs respectively in the wider region. This strategy led toContinue reading “An Indendent Kurdistan is a Joint American-Israeli Strategic Interest”

Winning Hearts and Minds of the Ummah

The reason Washington never declared Jihadism and Islamism as the global adversary was its intense fear of inadvertently offending and radicalizing Islamists. President Barack Obama tried without success to win sympathies for America among the Ummah (the worldwide Muslim community) by distancing America from Israel. In fact, America became only more unpopular in Islamdom duringContinue reading “Winning Hearts and Minds of the Ummah”

Has America lost the Cold War with Jihadism and Islamism?

America withdrew from Afghanistan after NATO and the former Afghan Armed Forces for twenty years failed to defeat the Pakistan-sponsored Taliban Jihadists in Afghanistan. The Jihadist problem worldwide is worse than ever, particularly in the Sahel region. Jihadist Iran has expanded to most of Iraq and parts Yemen during those twenty years and have advancedContinue reading “Has America lost the Cold War with Jihadism and Islamism?”

Lebanon is Beyond Hope

Iran’s incremental takeover of Lebanon shows how long-term a strategic player Iran is and it is also clear that not only has Lebanon become a failed state but Lebanon is clearly beyond redemption by the Lebanese themselves. Only Israel can save Lebanon from eventually becoming a Twelver Shia Islamist totalitarian state on the model ofContinue reading “Lebanon is Beyond Hope”

Iran’s Economic Strategy

Iran was until the fall of the former Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (1919-1980) a rapidly emerging economy. Iran’s economic development however has slowed down since the Islamist revolution of 1979. After all, what international private investors in their right minds would be interested in investing in a totalitarian dictatorship? Iran is keenly awareContinue reading “Iran’s Economic Strategy”

Iran is a Great Power Rival of the United States

As the US shifts paradigm from global counter-terrorism to global great power rivalry is it still essential for the US government to internalize that Iran is a great power no less than Russia and a rival of the US no less than China. The US great power rivalry with China is largely over economic andContinue reading “Iran is a Great Power Rival of the United States”

The PKK is not a Terrorist Organization

The PKK has a past as a brutal, totalitarian, Marxist-Leninist organization that emerged during the Cold War and that strove to set up a Communist, totalitarian independent state. However, the movement has come a long way since then and nowadays is its primary ideology feminism as seen in the AANES (Autonomous Administration of North andContinue reading “The PKK is not a Terrorist Organization”

Discrediting the Root Causes of Terrorism

The origin of terrorism is always ideology, this is invariably so irrespective of the ideological affiliation of the terrorists in question. The ideology that incites and produces terrorism is the root cause of terrorism and not socio-economic factors as social scientists relying on the Marxist doctrine of historical materialism will tell us.  Imagine if theContinue reading “Discrediting the Root Causes of Terrorism”

Mapping Median Judaism Worldwide

Median Judaism survives in the form of its core denominations of Alawism, Alevi-Bektashi, Alianism, Druzism, Samaritanism, Yarsanism and Yezidism but there are also denominations of Median Judaism outside of the region that largely or partially have managed to survive the historical onslaught of religious imperialism. However, we would fool ourselves if we assumed that weContinue reading “Mapping Median Judaism Worldwide”

Restoring US Influence in Islamdom

The Israeli-Muslim alliance is built upon active opposition to political Islam (Islamism) and militant Islam (Jihadism). This is clearly more effective than the traditional post-2001 US anti-terrorist posture which is proving a failing one in terms of US political influence in Islamdom. The Israeli-Muslim alliance includes both Arab and non-Arab allies, religious Muslims like theContinue reading “Restoring US Influence in Islamdom”

Genetically Mapping Hereditary Priesthood

The question of whether the Kohanim of core Median Judaism (Alawism, Alevi-Bektashi, Alianism, Druzism, Samaritanism, Yarsanism and Yezidism) are genetic Kohanim is not determinative of them being actual Kohanim in religious terms but is nevertheless of great interest from the perspective of Jewish history. Kohanite families of core Median Judaism should be tested for geneticContinue reading “Genetically Mapping Hereditary Priesthood”

Reconstructing Pre-Israelite Jewish History

Scholars have long had few sources but the Hebrew Bible to rely on for deciphering ancient Jewish history. With the rediscovery of Median Judaism and of Mandaeism being Crypto-Jewish as well do we however have substantially more sources to delve from. The customs, practices and sacred scriptures of Median Judaism and Mandaeism may offer manyContinue reading “Reconstructing Pre-Israelite Jewish History”

Iran does not Risk Snapback Sanctions

If the great powers (P5+1) were serious about implementing the JCPOA, then should the snapback sanctions mechanism of the JCPOA already have long since been implemented. The truth unfortunately, is that the great powers all fear Iranian mass terrorism by the long arm of Iranian intelligence (including Hezbollah worldwide), potentially with chemical, biological and radiologicalContinue reading “Iran does not Risk Snapback Sanctions”

The Declining Palestinian Fertility Rate

The Palestinian fertility rate in Judea and Samaria and the Israeli Jewish fertily rate have presently found a temporary equilibrium at little more than 3 children per woman on average. The Palestinian fertility rate has been declining for decades from 9 children per woman in the 1950s and with current trends will the longterm declineContinue reading “The Declining Palestinian Fertility Rate”

Zionism is Forever

Observant rabbinic Jews have prayed three times a day for two millennia for the ingathering of the Jewish nation to the land of Israel. Even Anti-Zionist rabbis perform this prayer section and do acknowledge that Jews outside of Israel live in exile from the land of Israel. They only argue that Jews should not setContinue reading “Zionism is Forever”

Citizenship and Prosperity will Pacify the Palestinian Conflict

While previously the Israel strategic plan was for the Haredi population explosion (there will be some 5 million Haredi Israelis in just three decades time) to enable Israel to redeem and enfranchise Judea and Samaria, will formal incorporation of Judea and Samaria be enabled by the annexation of 4 million Median Jews (Alawites and Druze)Continue reading “Citizenship and Prosperity will Pacify the Palestinian Conflict”

The Jihadist Strategic Threat against Metropolitan Tel Aviv

Nearly 3 000 people tragically died in the September 11, 2001 Jihadist terrorist attacks against the United States, to this day 20 years ago. It is however likely that an even greater number will die from Hezbollah missile attacks against Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities after Israel strategically degrades Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Hezbollah’sContinue reading “The Jihadist Strategic Threat against Metropolitan Tel Aviv”

The Liberation of 4 Million Median Jews

While it is true that Syria is ruled by a predominantly Alawite regime are however most Alawites just as oppressed as any other Syrian citizens under Syria’s totalitarian system. While a disproportionate number of Alawites in Syria are educated, privileged and wealthy does that not mean that Syrian Alawites (most of whom are poor) areContinue reading “The Liberation of 4 Million Median Jews”

Broadened Deconfliction with Russia

A joint IDF-SDF liberation of Syria will surely test the deconfliction mechanism between Russia and Israel. It is essential to emphasize that Russia’s interests in Syria will be respected and its two military bases in the Alawite region will be permitted to remain after the Israeli annexation of the Median Jewish regions in Syria andContinue reading “Broadened Deconfliction with Russia”

Where is the Outrage?

Iran is racing towards the bomb and the so-called “international community” suffices with polite calls for return to the now outdated JCPOA framework that the Khomeinist regime has most clearly decided not to return to. Iran clearly shows through its actions that it has decided to prioritize the acceleration of its nuclear weapons program. AtContinue reading “Where is the Outrage?”

An International Climate of Fear

The US government barely dares criticize the Iranian regime for its accelerating nuclear weapons program and this is but one example of a prevailing international climate of fear when it comes to Iran. Almost nobody in the so called “international community” dares severely criticizing the Iranian regime as the fear of Iranian mass terrorism –Continue reading “An International Climate of Fear”

The Pace of War

The pace of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon and Syria will crucially determine for how long the Hezbollah missile barrage against Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities will last. The Hezbollah missile barrage will strategically end when the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reaches the northern end of Lebanon’s predominantly Twelver Shia Beqaa valley.  Israel willContinue reading “The Pace of War”

The Iranian Drive to Demolish Tel Aviv

The Khomeinist regime frequently threatens to demolish Tel Aviv and they should be taken on their word. Their strategic tool for doing so is Hezbollah’s planned massive missile barrage following the Israeli strategic degradation of the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Hezbollah has a stockpile of 150 000 missiles and hence has the capacity to causeContinue reading “The Iranian Drive to Demolish Tel Aviv”

Comprehensive Peace in the Middle East

A final and conclusive Israeli war with Hezbollah leading to the treaty annexation of 4 million Median Jews of Syria and Lebanon (i.e. Alawites and Druze) who already identify as being Jewish as they have learned by word of mouth of their being Jewish would also end the Palestinian issue since Israel would be demographicallyContinue reading “Comprehensive Peace in the Middle East”

A Final War for Peace

The seemingly inevitable upcoming war with Hezbollah needs to be one of permanently settling Israel’s northern borders as well as shifting the borders between Damascus and Beirut. The IDF needs to disengage from the postmodern military doctrine according to which wars somehow cannot be strategically won anymore. Rather, the IDF needs to aim for comprehensiveContinue reading “A Final War for Peace”

The Futility of War of Deterrence against Hezbollah

Hezbollah is politically a tool for Iran to control and incrementally take over Lebanon. In military strategic terms however is Hezbollah a tool for Iranian strategic deterrence against Israel in order to deter Israel from strategically degrading Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Israel seems to have little confidence in or even expectation that the US willContinue reading “The Futility of War of Deterrence against Hezbollah”

The Case of the Alians of Bulgaria

Recently the Alians of Bulgaria accidentally came to my attention. Alian Judaism is a distinct denomination of Median Judaism although related to Alevi-Bektashi Judaism and Alawite Judaism. The only record in English about them on the Internet is the Alians English Wikipedia page and they seem to have otherwise escaped the attention of the English-speakingContinue reading “The Case of the Alians of Bulgaria”

Multi-Denominational Israel

The legitimacy of Orthodox Rabbinic Judaism has long rested on the narrative that it is the only legitimate denomination of Judaism when reality is quite different from the official Orthodox portrayal. The oldest Jewish denomination is the Crypto-Sumerian Mandaeism which is pre-Israelite and what is now Judaism technically only emerged as Atenism on a Crypto-SumerianContinue reading “Multi-Denominational Israel”

Bring Beta Avraham on Aliyah

Thousands of Falash Mura (Ethiopian Jews whose forebears converted to Christianity in the 19th century but have since returned to Judaism) are still waiting in Ethiopia in squalid conditions to be allowed to immigrate to Israel and undergo formal return to Judaism (Hebrew: giyur lechumra, literally meaning ‘strict conversion’). Many have waited for decades whileContinue reading “Bring Beta Avraham on Aliyah”

The Divided Jurisdiction of Judaism

The first form of Judaism was ancient Sumerian religion as the Torah is comprehensively based on Mesopotamian stories, i.e. ancient Sumerian narratives. The first split in jurisdiction in Judaism is therefore between Mandaean Crypto-Sumerianism and Jewish Crypto-Sumerian Atenism. The second split in jurisdiction in Judaism occurred with the partition of the United Monarchy of IsraelContinue reading “The Divided Jurisdiction of Judaism”