The Khomeinist Apocalypse

An international no-fly zone under the leadership of Israel and Saudi Arabia is an existential threat against the Khomeinist regime. It will lead to Tehran losing control over up to half of its population and could potentially lead to regime change in Tehran if the Persians too and not only the minorities of Iran’s ethnic periphery successfully rise in armed rebellion with allied air support. The Khomeinist regime understands this threat and instead of backing down and dismantling its nuclear weapons program which would be the rational thing to do to ensure regime survival, Tehran will no doubt activate its chemical weapons cells worldwide to stage chemical weapons attacks against major cities around the world. This will happen once the no-fly zone is imposed and the Iranian nuclear weapons program is destroyed.

While intelligence cooperation is of essence to prevent this from materializing, this is otherwise very difficult to prevent. Iranian intelligence no doubt has established sleeper cells around the world who may already be equipped with chemical weapons to be detonated at Tehran’s command. There is still time to act to prevent this threat from materializing, but again, it is very difficult to prevent. However this threat would be a hundred times worse if Tehran had nuclear weapons as Iran could then perpetrate WMD mass terrorist attacks with nuclear impunity and that certainly underscores the necessity of stopping the Khomeinist regime and dismantling the Iranian empire.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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