The Myopia of Appeasement

America during the presidency of Barack Obama had as its policy to appease and even align with Islamism. This is not the policy of the Biden administration, yet the current administration clings desperately to the Obama-era JCPOA despite increasingly realizing that it is already dead. The latest idea for a partial agreement with Iran that would freeze uranium enrichment only underscores the American desperation that Iran will perpetrate a second 9/11 attack in major American cities, this time with chemical weapons.

What the Biden administration fails to realize is that no amount of appeasement on its part will protect America from Iranian chemical weapons attacks. The reason Iran is hostile towards the US is that the regime – as Islamist movements generally – believe that America is at the center of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy to destroy Islam. This perception will not change because of appeasement by the US government. America needs to internalize that the fundamental problem with Iran is Anti-Semitism and this is the reason Iran is hostile towards both Israel and America. There is no way to appease Anti-Semitism.

No one believes the attempted threats against Iran by the US government. The US urgently needs a new policy on Iran. Appeasement will not help American national security. Rather the goal needs to be to weaken Iran as even leading to the downfall of the Khomeinist regime. There is no better option than imposing a no-fly zone over Iran. This will certainly inspire the ethnic periphery of Iran (which comprises half the population) to stage armed rebellions with allied air support. The Persian too will rebel but it is not as certain that their rebellion will be successful although there is a fair chance that it will. This is the best possible policy the US can take on Iran. A no-fly zone will certainly severely weaken Iran and may even remove the Khomeinist regime entirely. The US needs to join the emerging Anti-Iran coalition which will no doubt impose a no-fly zone over Iran.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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