Will a Desperate US Surrender to Iran?

“We seem to be very near the bleak choice between War and Shame. My feeling is that we shall choose Shame, and then have War thrown in a little later on even more adverse terms than at present.” Winston Churchill

Will the threat of Iranian chemical weapons attacks against the American homeland compel the Democratic administration to capitulate to Iran and lift all sanctions while getting almost nothing in return? Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett certainly fears that.

While on the face of it only a complete American surrender to Iran could remove the threat of mass chemical terrorism against major American cities, it is basic knowledge that giving in to extortionists invites further extortion. What if Tehran makes further demands later on and makes it known through intelligence channels that they will attack America with chemical weapons unless America toes the Iranian line? What if Iran tells America to abandon Israel and Saudi Arabia or else? Will America comply? There is no end to extortion once one gives in to the demands of the extortionists.

America’s network of alliances worldwide is to the Khomeinist regime the face of the ostensible global Jewish conspiracy meant to “destroy Islam”. There is nothing the Biden administration can do to change that perception. It is not possible to cure Anti-Semites with reason or logic. Conspiratorial Anti-Semitism is a Weltanschauung, a worldview that is eminently convincing for those who believe in it. Appeasement in no way cures anyone from conspiratorial Anti-Semitism.

There are however more far-reaching consequences of surrendering to Iran. What will America’s allies around the world think about the credibility and trustworthiness of alliances with America? Many will no doubt draw the conclusion that China is a more reliable ally than America which devises a brand new foreign policy with every new American president. Surrendering to Iran will send the message that America is a superpower in decline and can neither be trusted nor relied on.

Worst of all, a surrender will not protect major American cities from Iranian attacks with chemical weapons. What better way to force even more concessions from the US government than attacking civilian America with chemical weapons? The Khomeinist regime believes that it is at war with the alleged global Jewish conspiracy and will not give up that “struggle”. Iran and all Islamist movements believe that America – and not Israel – is at the center of the alleged worldwide Jewish conspiracy against Islam. They see Israel as merely one of many tools of the ostensible global American Jewish conspiracy to control the world and destroy Islam. They want to destroy Israel but Israel is only, as it is branded in Khomeinist terminology, “the Small Satan”. America or “the Great Satan” is the real enemy and Israel is merely one of the tentacles of the alleged American Jewish octopus.

This is not a struggle America can give up or disengage from. Surrender will only enhance the strategic incentives for Iran to attack major American cities with chemical weapons. If you get your way, why not attack to get further concessions? This is the Khomeinist logic. “Annihilating Israel” will only cut off one the tentacles of the alleged American Jewish global conspiracy. America is “the Great Satan”, the major enemy of Iran and of all Islamist movements. There is nothing America can do to cure its enemies from this malicious fantasy. If America were to abandon Israel and Saudi Arabia, then would this in the minds of conspiratorial Islamist Anti-Semites only be a Jewish trick to take over China as Israel and Saudi Arabia would have no choice but to realign with Beijing. 

There is no way out other than doing everything possible to bring down the Khomeinist empire. American leaders must internalize the stark reality that there is nothing that they can do diplomatically speaking to prevent Iran from attacking major American cities with chemical weapons. Israel understands that they can do nothing to prevent Hezbollah from launching rockets and missiles with chemical warheads against Israeli cities. However, Israel can cut off the Hezbollah and Ba’athist tentacles of Iran, severely weaken Iran and even bring down the regime by means of an allied no-fly zone over Iran and will no doubt implement this together with allies in Islamdom. 

Lifting all sanctions against Iran in return for almost nothing will severely aggravate the Iranian threat against the American homeland. Why not double, triple or increase tenfold the number of cities designated for Iranian attacks with chemical weapons? 

All totalitarian regimes are remarkably similar and conspiratorial Anti-Semitism is historically a common denominator for totalitarian regimes. The US government needs to internalize that the Iranian threat against America is not rooted in Islam but indeed in conspiratorial Anti-Semitism. 

Totalitarian conspiratorial Anti-Semitism of course mirrors the neo-imperialist ambitions of totalitarian regimes. However, there is nothing that can appease conspiratorial Anti-Semitism. Concessions will be perceived as yet another “Jewish trick” and a sign of “Jewish cowardice” and will only further incentivise the totalitarian Anti-Semites to attack America.

The United States government would be particularly well-advised to bite the bullet and join the emerging Anti-Iran coalition as led by Israel together with allied nations of Islamdom to impose a no-fly zone over Iran and hopefully will that not only severely weaken Iran by wresting the Iranian ethnic periphery from Khomeinist control but even conclusively bring down Khomeinist totalitarianism from power and thus prevent a second wave of Iranian chemical weapons attacks against the American homeland.

The facts of the Iranian threat certainly do not constitute an appealing reality but it is as it and the enemy must be defeated. There is no real choice.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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