Has the World Learned Anything From the Holocaust?

Iran has for years repeated its intention to “annihilate Israel”. Iranian chemical weapons pose a severe threat against major cities in many countries around the world as Iran prepares to attack many nations in response to Iran’s nuclear weapons program being destroyed. America faces the threat of Iranian usage of biological weapons on American soil and America may find itself having no choice having to invade Iran after Tehran attacks America with chemical weapons if a no-fly zone and air support fail to to secure an uprising in Persian areas of Iran and not only in the ethnic periphery where success is guaranteed. 

The world watches how fearful America is in being very effectively deterred by Iran and having no credibility left after nearly a year of failed appeasement of the totalitarian regime in Tehran. However, the Iranian threat of chemical and biological weapons would be ten times worse if Iran had nuclear weapons as the Khomeinist regime would launch terrorist attacks with chemical and biological weapons with nuclear impunity. America hoping to stay out of the conflict only exacerbates the threat against America since this is perceived as “Jewish weakness” and “Jewish cowardice” on the part of the “Jewish conspiracy” which ostensibly has the last word in America according to the Khomeinist Weltanschauung (worldview).

What will be the effect of America’s dithering? One scenario is that many nations will step up to the challenge in filling the void of America’s absence in thus joining the emerging coalition to impose a no-fly zone over Iran. Another scenario is that nations will follow America’s lead in hoping to stay out of the conflict by not joining the coalition. A third scenario is that we will see a mixture of the first and second scenarios. Staying out of the coalition will not protect any nation. The UAE recently announced its intention to pursue rapprochement with Iran. However, Iran already has its list of nations that Tehran intends to attack with chemical weapons due to their perceived ties with the alleged global Jewish conspiracy and no appeasement will take any nation off the list. The UAE would be particularly ill-advised to attempt to appease Iran since this will be perceived as “a Jewish trick” (on the part of the alleged Jewish conspiracy) and may even aggravate the already severe Iranian chemical weapons threat against Emirati cities.

A fundamental lesson of the Holocaust is that it begins with the Jews but it never ends with the Jews and alas is this more true than ever. Iran currently poses a genocidal threat primarily against the United States of America and dithering on the part of the US government is making the threat even worse. However, there is no question that the genocidal regime in Tehran poses a threat against humanity generally in threatening many nations with mass carnage. 

Nations around the world need to unite in taking responsibility to end the Iranian menace and bring down the Khomeinist empire. There is no choice but to take one’s fate in one’s own hands and this has to be done together as shirking responsibility will not take any nation off Iran’s attack list.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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