America Faces Apocalypse

The failed policy of the Democratic administration on Iran is a reflection of the desperate situation that America finds itself in vis-a-vis Iran. 1. Once Israel destroys the Iranian nuclear weapons program will Iran set off chemical weapons in major cities in dozens of countries around the world that are perceived to be especially connected with the supposed worldwide Jewish conspiracy. America will aside from Israel be a primary target. 2. Iran is preparing to launch second, third and fourth waves of chemical weapons attacks against the American homeland unless the US government gives in to all Iranian demands and abandons all US allies in Islamdom, particularly Israel and Saudi Arabia. 3. If America invades Iran due to Iranian chemical weapons attacks against the United States after an uprising has failed in Persian areas of Iran despite succeeding in minority regions and instigated in response to an allied imposition of a no-fly zone with air support to armed rebellions, will Iran use biological weapons against the United States civilian populations. 4. Iran has second strike capabilities and will launch biological weapons attacks against America with biological weapons stored on its submarine fleet if the Persian uprising is successful and the regime falls from power.

Since chemical and biological weapons can be brought to the United States coastal areas with submarines that are virtually impossible to detect, and the devices are deployed by sleeper cells in major American cities, there is little America can do to protect itself from Iranian weapons of mass destruction as it is almost impossible to discover sleeper cells. 

The main reason America is the target is the conspiratorial Anti-Semitism that is so very central to the Khomeinist Weltanschauung (worldview). America faces a threat of genocidal proportions and is unable to defend itself. There is no obvious easy way out. The problem is that the threat will not go away by attempting to appease Iran – and allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons would calamitously aggravate the threat of chemical and biological weapons terrorist attacks against American soil since Iran could and would launch attacks with nuclear impunity. Iran is very confident that it will defeat America and become a superpower.

America faces a calamity which makes the September 11, 2001 attacks against America seem minor in comparison. Yet, America has no choice but to bite the bullet and confront the enemy. Not doing so will certainly not help America’s situation or lessen the prospects of Iranian WMD attacks. It is certainly not America’s fault that Iran seeks to harm the American people. The Iranian regime is motivated by a hate-filled totalitarian ideology according to which America is ruled by a Jewish conspiracy whose primary desire is to destroy Islam worldwide through various sinister schemes.

Rob Malley and other academic apologists for Islamism will of course not explain this but do claim that America can appease Iran by changing US policy. Unfortunately do US attempts to appease Iran rather aggravate the Iranian threat against America as attempted appeasement only emboldens the totalitarian Khomeinist regime in Tehran. Even if America were to abandon all its allies in Islamdom – including Israel and Saudi Arabia – would Iran continue to blame America for everything the regime does not like in Islamdom because this is part of the Weltanschauung that is Khomeinism specifically and Islamism generally. The more concessions the US makes the more does Washington incentivize Jihadist Iran to attack America in order to force the Jewish conspiracy to desist from exercising its nefarious influence over Islamdom. 

America must confront and defeat the worst enemy America has ever faced. There is only one way to defeat the regime and that is by an international coalition imposing a no-fly zone over Iran that would provide air support to armed rebellions throughout the country. The pro-American peoples of Iran are ready to rise against the tyrannical theocratic regime and will no doubt do so. In order to optimize the chances of success of the uprising in Persian areas as well and not only in minority areas where success is guaranteed, maximum USAF (US Air Force) participation in the coalition is absolutely of essence. A successful uprising in Persian areas that will thus unseat the regime is the only way to avoid a US invasion of Iran that will otherwise become necessary to prevent further waves of Iranian chemical weapons attacks against the American people. 

It is clear that America faces an apocalypse and the US government is unable to defend its own people. Yet, America has the tools to defeat the enemy and realistically avoid an American invasion of Persia.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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