Iran is Determined to Destroy America

According to Iran’s regime ideology is America, Tehran’s main enemy. The reason this is so as for all Islamist ideologists is that the American superpower is considered identical with the purported global Jewish conspiracy to destroy Islam. The Obama and Biden administrations have pursued a strategy of appeasing Iran and hoping to eventually align with the mullah regime. This was never going to work due to the regime’s foundational Anti-Semitic, Anti-American ideology. One might think from the regime’s rhetoric that Israel is Iran’s main enemy but that is not the case as Israel is regarded as a mere tentacle on the perceived American-Jewish octopus. Iranian leaders openly say that “death to America will happen” which they believe will lead to the reappearance of the Hidden Imam. Tehran has the means of delivery (Iranian submarines+American leisure boats+networks of sleeper agents) of biological weapons in major American cities and there is little the FBI can do to prevent it. If Iran had nuclear weapons then America could not even strike back. The illegal influence machine of Muslim Brotherhood Intelligence (MBI) in Washington has for years spread the patently false idea that it is possible for the United States to reconcile with the mullah regime and even align with the mullahs. This was never possible and only meant to harm KSA-USA relations due to the Muslim Brotherhood having been listed as a terrorist organization in Saudi Arabia. The notion that diplomacy could persuade a profoundly ideological theocratic regime to abandon its own regime ideology is naive at best, borders on the delusional and one must surely raise the question if Rob Malley is an MBI agent of influence? Apparently the only thing missing for there to be a Saudi-Israeli peace treaty is for the Biden administration to abandon this counterproductive strategy. Quite understandably, the Saudis are extremely uncomfortable living under an American threat to abandon them in favor of the mullahs, after all who would be comfortable with that? The KSA-USA alliance clearly needs to be reconfirmed and the dead-on-arrival mullahphilia strategy abandoned.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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