Deterring Iran is Imperative

The foreign policy of the Biden administration is improving over time as it is becoming increasingly hawkish. For a long time was America under President Joe Biden perceived by its foreign adversaries as ”weak”, yet no longer so. Openly sending a nuclear-armed submarine to the Persian Gulf was the right thing to do and immediately achieved several important goals: 1) American deterrence against Iran was restored for now, 2) the Levantine arena was defused and 3) the Northern War was deferred.

US policy on the Persian Gulf region has long been held hostage by the deluded paradigm of Rob Malley and other appeasers, something which has profoundly harmed US interests in the region and American national security. Yes, the stakes are extremely high for the United States considering Iranian intentions to launch biological terrorist attacks against major American cities. However, the Iranian regime views the United States as its main adversary and is absolutely not interested in reconciliation or even a minimal agreement with the United States.

President Biden and Secretary Blinken would be particularly well-advised to focus on repairing the damage that has been done, meaning reconciling with MBS and the KSA, focus on deterrence and make a decision to break off all ties with Iran. Perception of so-called ”honor” (i.e. collective self-respect) is very important in the Greater Middle East and President Biden must therefore do more to reinforce US deterrence and counteract the false perception that the US does not stand by its allies as created by US betrayals of its Afghan and Kurdish allies in recent years. US official criticism of Israel has become particularly problematic as this immediately raises concerns among Arab allies that ”if even Israel cannot trust the US so how can we rely on Washington?”

This is my advice for the President Biden:

  1. Fire Rob Malley, this will do wonders as a huge confidence building measure to improve relations with Arab allies.
  2. Cease all covert contacts with Iran whether those are direct or indirect, such ties undermine American deterrence and harm American geopolitical interests, including by deferring Saudi reconciliation with the US and Saudi normalization with Israel.
  3. Prioritize deterrence against Iran. The threat of Iranian biological terrorist attacks against major cities of the American homeland is very real and appeasement undermines deterrence.
  4. Prioritize containment of Iran by reaching out to Iran’s neighbors.
  5. Prioritize expanding the Abraham Accords and creating a MENA defense alliance.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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