US Incentives are Necessary

America manifestly lacks a serious policy on Iran other than hoping for the best by keeping open indirect diplomatic channels with Iran. Even the US does not have much hope about reaching a nuclear agreement with Iran, yet Washington hopes that mere keeping open indirect diplomatic channels will protect major American cities from Iranian chemical weapons attacks. Hoping for the best is hardly a good strategy considering the immense threat to American national security. In fact, America lacks a strategy on Iran and has only a helpless diplomatic tactic and empty rhetoric which no one believes in. America is all bark but no bite.

America has effectively already retired from its superpower duties in Islamdom. Therefore, in order to protect American national security, America must empower Israel. Since America has no strategy on Iran does Washington have no other choice but to rely on Israel. For this reason is America’s refusal to offer incentives (agreements and weapons sales) to Muslim nations that normalize relations with Israel particularly difficult to understand other than potentially the beginning of a severely mistaken Kissingerian policy to balance Israel and Iran against each other rather that containing and weakening Iran.

Israel is effectively protecting the entire world from the Iranian menace and Israel is ready to absorb the heavy blow of Iranian/Hezbollah chemical weapons attacks against Israeli cities after Israel destroys the Iranian nuclear weapons program. America needs to contain and weaken Iran and hence the necessity of imposing a no-fly zone over Iran once Israel has destroyed the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Only a permanent no-fly zone will enable intermittent attacks against Iranian nuclear facilities and will prevent Iran from ever rebuilding its nuclear weapons program as well as inspire armed rebellions in Iran’s ethnic periphery that would receive US air support. Once Iran’s ethnic periphery is free will Tehran have lost control over most of its oil resources and Iran will be severely weakened and reduced to Persia. Tehran’s loss of control over Balochistan means that it will be possible to impose a US naval blockade against Iranian exports/imports at the Hormuz straits.

America is capitulating from its superpower duties in the Middle East and Islamdom. While it is true that this is precisely what the Jihadists and Islamists want, is it certainly not a bad policy to subcontract America’s superpower duties in Islamdom to Israel, one of two great powers in Islamdom. However, in order to achieve this it is essential that America supports and enhances Israel’s great power role in Islamdom and America needs therefore offer guarantees, assurances, agreements and weapons sales to friendly nations in Islamdom that are willing to normalize relations and align with Israel. America is retiring from its superpower role in Islamdom, however it is not possible for America to completely abandon Islamdom. In order for Israel to protect American interests in Islamdom is it essential to urgently support the expansion of Israel’s alignment with moderate governments in Islamdom. By not being willing to offer incentives to Muslim nations that normalize relations with Israel is America creating a dangerous vacuum and nations in Islamdom truly wonder what to make of American policy on the Middle East and Islamdom. The main beneficiary of this vacuum is Iran as Russia and China are unattractive as allies for nations of Islamdom considering the close ties of those powers with Tehran. However, nations of Islamdom need to be reassured that America stands behind the Israeli-Muslim alignment.

If America ultimately proves unwilling to impose a no-fly zone on Iran must it at least empower the Israeli-Muslim alliance to do so its stead and hence the urgent need for Saudi normalization with Israel. The KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) is however holding out for American incentives as are Indonesia and other nations of Islamdom interested in alignment with Israel. America must ensure that its retirement from superpower duties in Islamdom is responsibly carried out and does not leave a vacuum open for Iran to fill. America must understand that its continuous support for the Israeli-Muslim alliance will be necessary and particularly so by means of American weapons sales to the region. An alliance of Israel and the KSA could together with other nations of the wider region impose a no-fly zone over Iran if America declines to do so but this will require American support for the Anti-Iran alliance. 

America must wake up from its Iran slumber and internalize that robust American support for the Israeli-Muslim alignment is necessary for countering Iran. America must urgently resume its previous policy of providing incentives to Muslim nations that normalize relations with Israel. Subcontracting US superpower duties in Islamdom to Israel does not mean that America can completely disengage from Islamdom but America must continue to remain engaged by backing up the Israeli-Muslim alignment against Iran in Islamdom. In order for Israel to protect American interests in Islamdom is active American support for Israel and its Muslim allies of essence indeed.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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