Imposing a No-Fly Zone over Iran

President Joe Biden continues the Trump administration policy of disengaging from Islamdom and outsourcing its superpower responsibilities to Israel by promoting Israeli normalization with nations of Islamdom. The US is engaged in intensive diplomatic efforts to persuade nations of Islamdom to normalize relations with Israel. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) has already in principleContinue reading “Imposing a No-Fly Zone over Iran”

Empty Threats Undermine America’s Deterrence Posture

The Biden administration’s practice of making more or less veiled threats against Iran, threats which the administration is manifestly not ready to follow through on is not only not credible but is furthermore detrimental since it undermines the US deterrence posture vis-a-vis Iran and enhances the threat of Iranian chemical weapons attacks against major AmericanContinue reading “Empty Threats Undermine America’s Deterrence Posture”

US Incentives are Necessary

America manifestly lacks a serious policy on Iran other than hoping for the best by keeping open indirect diplomatic channels with Iran. Even the US does not have much hope about reaching a nuclear agreement with Iran, yet Washington hopes that mere keeping open indirect diplomatic channels will protect major American cities from Iranian chemicalContinue reading “US Incentives are Necessary”

The Best Policy Alternative to the JCPOA

The JCPOA era is coming to an end as the JCPOA is close to effective expiration. The US government obviously considers policy alternatives to the rapidly expiring JCPOA. One argument in favor of a no-fly zone over Iran is that it is relatively inexpensive to maintain. It is a cheap military alternative that does notContinue reading “The Best Policy Alternative to the JCPOA”

The Case for a No-Fly Zone over Iran

A no-fly zone over Iran is Tehran’s worst nightmare. There is no doubt that the ethnic periphery that make up half of Iran’s population will rise in armed rebellion with US air support and perhaps will the ethnic Persians as well? A no-fly zone will prevent the regime from rebuilding its nuclear weapons program afterContinue reading “The Case for a No-Fly Zone over Iran”