Inside the Mullahs’ Conspiratorial Universe

Most non-Anti-Semites have not tried to imagine what it means to be a conspiratorial Anti-Semite. To be a conspiratorial Anti-Semite means to live in a constant state of fear of the ostensibly omnipotent Jews. Conspiratorial Anti-Semites typically try to explain problems in terms of their worldview, meaning in effect that Jews are behind all problems. 

Islamist conspiratorial Anti-Semitism is a particular version of conspiratorial Anti-Semitism which assumes that “the Jews” are out to destroy Islam. Marxism, liberalism, nationalism and secularism are all seen as Jewish plots against Islam. Sayyid Qutb’s infamous pamphlet “Our Struggle with the Jews” and the notorious forgery “The Protocol of the Elders of Zion” are central works for Islamist conspiratorial Anti-Semites. Conspiratorial Anti-Semitism is a key feature of several forms of totalitarianism and the historical and present neo-imperialism of those totalitarians was/is designed to rival the ostensible Jewish ambition for world domination.

When Iran negotiates with the US does Iran consider this an indirect negotiation with “the international Jewish conspiracy”. Iran of course believes that the Jews are to blame for sanctions against Iran. When Iran develops weapons of mass destruction is this intended to rival the WMD capability of “the Jews”, meaning not only Israel but primarily the United States. Iran’s neo-imperialist ambitions are intended to rival the ostensible “world control” of the alleged global Jewish conspiracy. America’s international network of alliances and influence is to the Iranian regime the overt face of the alleged global Jewish conspiracy.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei believes that the US has a deceptive underlying sophisticated strategy against Iran spanning across different US administrations. This is so despite the fact that every US president during this century has devised and deployed his own individual foreign policy. Ali Khamenei is known to be highly suspicious of the US which he believes conspires against Iran. In fact, Ali Khamenei sees the hand of the ostensible Jewish conspiracy behind US foreign policy and this is why he is quite paranoid about the US and sees deception where there is none. For Islamist conspiratorial Anti-Semites is the US the center of the alleged global Jewish conspiracy and Iran views America as a de facto Jewish state under the control of a Jewish deep state. 

It is important to understand that the struggle against the perceived worldwide Jewish conspiracy is a central impetus for the neo-imperialist ambitions of Islamists seeking totalitarian world domination. When Iran prepares to attack countries around the world with chemical weapons in response to Israel’s destruction of Iran’s nuclear weapons program does Iran see this as a frontal attack against the perceived global Jewish conspiracy. It may be difficult to understand for non-Anti-Semites but Iran like other Anti-Semitic totalitarian regimes before it views itself at war with the ostensible worldwide Jewish conspiracy.

The mullah regime agreed to the JCPOA under pressure of UN sanctions and in order to end UN sanctions against Iran. In contrast, Tehran is however not as eager for the lifting of US sanctions against Iran as one may believe from official Iranian rhetoric. Iran believes that it can live with US sanctions and is not eager to return to the JCPOA because 1) the next Republican administration would restore US sanctions and abrogate any agreement with Tehran and 2) Iran already achieved its objective of the lifting of all UN sanctions in 2015. Thus Iran can keep the cake and eat it. There are no more UN sanctions and Iran can move full steam ahead with its nuclear weapons program. For Iran are all sanctions the result of the machinations of the alleged global Jewish conspiracy with the purpose of destroying Islam.

In order to defeat “the Jews” does Iran endeavor to “annihilate Israel” and defeat and supplant the US as the superpower. Behind Iran’s nuclear weapons program is an ambition to rival and replace the US as the sole superpower and the strategy is to use terrorist and other armed groups as well as Islamist intelligence infiltration to take over Muslim countries and intimidate the world with weapons of mass destruction. Iran has already years ago established the most effective deterrence in military history through its undeclared chemical weapons.

Iran will interpret an effort to impose a no-fly zone over Iran as an attack against Islam by the perceived global Jewish conspiracy. Iran is ready to launch successive waves of chemical weapons attacks against major American cities in order to force the US into submission and coerce the US into abandoning its allies in Islamdom, including Israel and Saudi Arabia.

America must internalize that there is only one way to handle totalitarian regimes that believe in conspiratorial Anti-Semitism and that is to defeat them due to them being implacable enemies of America since they believe that the US is controlled by the alleged Jewish conspiracy. Iran is the first totalitarian regime that poses a real threat against the American homeland. For the Soviets were weapons of mass destruction part of the mutual deterrence between the Communist bloc and the West. The Nazis never posed a real threat against the American homeland. Al Qaeda has a totalitarian Salafist ideology and succeeded in striking the American homeland in a spectacular way. However, Iran poses a far worse threat against America than al Qaeda ever did. What Iran intends to do against America is the equivalent of multiple 9/11 attacks. It must be understood that al Qaeda believed that it attacked the alleged Jewish world conspiracy when it attacked America.

It is essential that America joins a coalition to impose a no-fly zone over Iran in order to permanently block any attempts to rebuild Iran’s nuclear weapons program after it has been destroyed. American participation with its vast air force in a no-fly zone effort will significantly increase the chances of an armed rebellion with allied air support succeeding in Persian areas as well and not only in the ethnic periphery where half of Iran’s population lives. The more fighter aircrafts that participate in the mission the more extensive air support will be provided to the insurrection and hence the greater the chance that the uprising will succeed in the Persian areas as well and thus bring down the Khomeinist totalitarian regime. America will be drawn into this war anyway as Iran will hold America responsible for Israel destroying the Iranian nuclear weapons program as Islamist conspiratorial Anti-Semites view Israel as a proxy for the US, and America will thus inevitably be included on the list of countries to be attacked with Iranian chemical weapons. A successful Persian uprising is the only guarantee against America being forced to invade Iran in order to prevent successive waves of Iranian chemical weapons attacks against major American cities. It is therefore a vital US national security interest to fully participate in a coalition to impose a no-fly zone over Iran.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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