Iran Plans to Defeat America

When the Iranian regime refers to the United States as “the Great Satan” (Persian: Shaytan-e Bozorg) do they mean that America is their greatest enemy as the center of the perceived Jewish conspiracy to destroy Islam (“spreader of corruption”). When the regime chants “death to America” do they mean that they want to bring down the American superpower.  

In contrast when the Iranian regime refers to Israel as “the Small Satan” (Persian: Shaytan-e Kuchak) do they imply that Israel is merely one of the “tentacles” of the perceived American-Jewish “octopus”. However, when the regime chants “death to Israel” do they mean physical annihilation of Israeli Jews as indeed the regime overtly advocates the “annihilation of Israel”.

While Iran plans to deal Israel a heavy blow through Hezbollah after Israel and the US destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program, the regime is under no illusions at this stage of defeating Israel, yet it certainly believes that it is feasible and realistic indeed to defeat the United States. The Biden administration does not consider itself weak but Iran certainly believes that the Biden administration is and that perception makes the American homeland highly vulnerable to Iranian mass terrorist attacks with weapons of mass destruction. 

Iran has three main adversaries and those are in the following order: America, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Iran seeks to gain full control over the Gulf states and their energy resources and holy places. Defeating these three adversaries is central to Iran’s strategic thinking and it can only do so by using weapons of mass destruction since China and Russia have consistently refused to sell tanks and fighter aircrafts to Iran which means that Iran effectively lacks conventional offensive capabilities aside from missiles, drones and naval resources. The only ways Iran can gain control over other countries is by 1) subversion and proxy forces and 2) by means of developing, deploying and using weapons of mass destruction. 

Iran’s strategy is to first strategically defeat America through mass terrorist attacks in multiple waves with chemical weapons and even biological weapons after the US and Israel destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program. The strategic concept is to make America lose the will to play a role in the world and thus force America to withdraw from the outside world. This of course will not work, Iran is severely miscalculating American resolve, American resilience and American resolute willingness to destroy America’s enemies. However, Iran believes that “the Jews” are in control in America and that “the Jews” are “cowards” and therefore think that its strategy will succeed.

While Iran as it officially states plans to perpetrate the “annihilation of Israel”, genocide in America is currently on the top of the list for Khomeinist regime. This has been on the agenda since 1979 and the Iranian leadership is particularly eager to unleash chemical weapons attacks against major American cities. Furthermore, the perceived “weakness” of the Biden administration is a factor which strongly incentivizes the Iranian regime to attack America.

America has been sleepwalking for a year in desperately trying to appease the Khomeinist totalitarian regime. However, the Biden administration is certainly waking up and realizing that Iran is not interested in an agreement with the United States. The problem of course is that America is the main intended victim of the Iranian mass chemical weapons terrorist campaign. Iran intends to perpetrate genocide in America in order to force America to its knees. 

America finds itself in a very difficult situation and the only way forward is to bite the bullet and go on the offensive. The Khomeinist Empire is the first ever strategic threat against the American homeland in American military history. America has no choice but to dismantle the Khomeinist Empire at any cost.  

Iran is bent on ending America’s superpower status and replacing America as the sole superpower with full control over Gulf oil and Israel annihilated. Iran does not only intend to become the hegemon of Islamdom but to dominate the entire world by the force and terror of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons of mass destruction. The United States government is surely waking up but America needs to be fully awake and fully focused on this very severe genocidal threat against the American homeland and the American people.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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