The US Needs a Regime Change Policy on Iran

The US government lives in an illusion fed by the Iranian regime, namely that Iran somehow has an interest in a nuclear agreement with the P5+1. Contrary to US assessments and due to increasing progress in the development of electric vehicles, something which radically shrinks the window of opportunity for oil-based Mahdist neo-imperialism, Iran has absolutely no interest in any nuclear agreement whatsoever, yet has every interest in playing for time so as to appease Moscow and Beijing and buy international legitimacy for its nuclear weapons program. The problem of course is that the US is playing into the hands of the Iranian regime and  is effectively enhancing its legitimacy by participating in indirect negotiations with Tehran. Of course, it could be argued from an American perspective that Biden’s America is perceived as weak and feckless and is therefore highly vulnerable to a series of Iranian biological weapons terrorist attacks on major American cities and that it would therefore be better to defer the war with Iran to the next administration which will in all probability be Republican because Tehran would probably not dare attack an America led by a Republican president. This argument ignores that Iran poses the most potent threat against the American homeland ever and that it is imperative to remove this threat expeditiously. In fact, pre-nuclear Iran poses a far more severe threat against America than against Israel because Iran would only use chemical weapons against Israelis so as to not annihilate the Palestinians.

The US needs to recognize that the Iranian regime is highly dangerous and apocalyptic and the US therefore needs to implement a regime change policy with respect to Iran. The American interest dictates this. America has the tools to implement this by imposing a no-fly zone over Iran that would include provision of critical air support to insurgents. This would most likely bring down the Khomeinist regime and would vastly facilitate an operation to destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program. America cannot let this regime remain in place as this threat to America is intolerable. It is certainly not too late for the Biden administration to change policy from useless and counterproductive appeasement to one of robust deterrence and effective regime change. America needs to wake up and realize that the United States (and not Israel) is the primary enemy of Iran according to Khomeinist doctrine. Iran is the worst threat against US national security that America has ever faced and so it is imperative to deter and defeat this menace as soon as possible.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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