Iran Intends to Force the World into Submission

Iran has an elaborate plan to force the world into political, ideological, geopolitical, economic and religious submission by means of extortive deployment and use of weapons of mass destruction. Iran is already in the very earliest stage of its campaign. 

Iran intends to break out as a superpower already when Israel and the US destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons program by anonymously lashing out with hundreds or even thousands of chemical weapons attacks against major cities around the world. The chemical weapons will be delivered by Iranian submarines and will be deployed by sleeper cells, both of which are impossible to detect. The idea is to inspire such fear of Iran in nations around the world that this will lead to Iranian superpower status. The two major targets are Israel and the United States although dozens of other nations considered to be “associated” with the ostensible global Jewish conspiracy will be targeted as well. Iran will use Hezbollah rockets and missiles with chemical warheads against Israel while America will be the target of an Iranian genocidal campaign of waves of chemical weapons attacks which may culminate in the use of biological weapons against major American cities.

However this is just the beginning. Iran intends to complete its already advanced nuclear weapons program for the purpose of nuking metropolitan Tel Aviv and Riyadh so as to gain regional hegemony, including gaining full control over Gulf energy resources. Once Iran has nuclear weapons could it freely use chemical weapons to bend the will of other nations. It could use chemical weapons openly against any nation and no nation would dare to respond due to the fear o Iranian missiles with nuclear warheads. A nuclear power by definition cannot be defeated other than by mutual destruction between two nuclear powers and Iran intends to use nuclear impunity to force nations around the world – including non-Muslim nations – to introduce sharia law, whether in part or entirely. It literally will be impossible to disobey a nuclear Iran and its word will be law. 

Iran seeks nuclear impunity for itself, yet does not believe in the nuclear immunity of existing nuclear powers. Iran seeks to strategically defeat the United States even before Iran becomes a nuclear power. Iran believes that by repeatedly deploying major waves of chemical and even biological weapons against major American cities can Iran force America to withdraw from its role as the sole superpower. Iran views liberal democracy as a weakness that it can exploit and hence its planned genocidal use of weapons of mass destruction are intended to break the will of the American enemy.

Iran views America as the major obstacle to its global hegemony and Israel as the major obstacle to its hegemony in the Middle East. While far more open about its genocidal plans for Israel does Iran in fact have genocidal plans for the US as well despite not intending to exterminate most Americans. However, Iran believes that it has already partly succeeded in forcing Russia and China into submission. Iran’s ambitions are not limited to the Old World, Iranian intelligence has extensive activities in Latin America and Iran is bent on becoming the singular superpower and attaining Islamist world rule. 

Once Iran has forced America away from the world, destroyed Israel with nuclear weapons and conquered the Gulf states with their fossil fuel resources (in this particular order) will Iran have become the world’s sole superpower. Iran intends to force the submission of all nations through a global reign of WMD terror and it is therefore in the interest of nearly all nations to dismantle the Khomeinist Empire.

Against whom does Iran intend to use nuclear weapons? Israel and Saudi Arabia are obvious early targets for strategic nuclear weapons. The Iranian regime is unconcerned about the consequences of Israeli nuclear retribution and is ready to “sacrifice” millions of Iranian lives for the sake of the cause of the “annihilation of Israel”. However Iran intends to use tactical nuclear weapons against strategic targets in countries it intends to take over, initially Muslim countries, but later non-Muslim countries as well. 

Iran is a highly Westernized, sophisticated and relatively developed country which no doubt has drawn up a detailed master plan for its project to conquer the world with weapons of mass destruction. This is quite revolutionary and Iran absolutely knows what it is doing. The world should beware. This is the singularly most dangerous totalitarian regime the world has ever seen. The world has never seen such a deliberately globalized threat to world peace. While it is true that the regime want to perpetrate a Second Holocaust, this is only part of the story, the regime has a program on a scale of international criminal nefariousness not seen since Stalin and Hitler. Its intended use of weapons of mass destruction is by far more extensive than the criminal former Japanese regime in occupied China during WWII. 

Iran does not believe in the nuclear deterrence of the UK, France and Democratic administrations of the US and does not believe that the Biden administration will allow Israel to use nuclear weapons against Iran in retaliation for Hezbollah chemical weapons attacks against Israeli cities.

As there are preparations to form an international coalition to impose a no-fly zone over Iran and provide air support to armed rebellions throughout Iran, it is pivotal that as many nations as possible join the effort. The more fighter aircrafts that participate the greater the chance that the insurrection will succeed in the Persian areas as well and not only in the ethnic periphery and this is a vital national security interest of nearly all nations in order to ensure the complete downfall of the Khomenist Empire.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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