Iran Plans Major Conventional War

What is the purpose of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons? There is more than one purpose: 1) Iran gains immunity from any future US invasion under any circumstances no matter how maliciously and atrociously Iran acts. 2) Iran can perpetrate acts of biological and chemical terrorism with complete impunity. 3) Iran would have the option of deploying nuclear terrorism against Israel and others because it does not believe that anyone would respond with nuclear weapons against Iran if Tehran had an arsenal of missiles with nuclear warheads. 4) Iran would be able to wage wars of aggression (beginning against GCC nations) and the US would not dare come to the rescue of the victims because of Iranian nuclear weapons. 5) The US would not dare unseating the regime by imposing a no-fly zone with air support to insurgents. 6) It would be possible to annihilate Israel with enough chemical weapons with complete impunity as Israel would not dare to respond with nuclear weapons for fear of Iranian nuclear retribution.

In other words would the scenario of Iran becoming a nuclear power be a major gamechanger. This is not only a matter of dangers and potentials, Iran would do everything it could do in those respects due to acquiring nuclear weapons capability. It is particularly noteworthy that Iran plans offensive warfare against GCC nations once Tehran has acquired nuclear capability, in order to gain control of their oil resources and prompt the Hidden Imam to reappear in Mecca.

However, Iran is of course aware of the possibility that Israel and the US would strategically move to destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program although Tehran does not consider this likely. This is however a red line for Iran. Iran would have no choice but to lash out against Israel, the US and their allies in such a way that supposedly no one will ever dare to destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program again. The regime believes that the nuclear program has eschatological significance and that therefore an attack against the nuclear program is a divine sign for Iran to strike back with a very heavy hand around the world with the purpose of prompting the Hidden Imam to reappear.

The only question surrounds Iran’s invasion of GCC nations. Will Iran immediately stoke rebellions in Shia (Zaydi and Twelver) regions of Saudi Arabia in order to gain a pretext for invading GCC nations or will this be delayed until Iran can acquire nuclear weapons? Plan B is apparently to go for an immediate Mahdist apocalypse, including invasion of GCC nations. The reason is that the US is able to repeatedly destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons program and so if the US has decided to serially prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, then there is no reason to delay the apocalypse.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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